VIDEO: DC Bike Officer Under Fire For Trying To Stop Illegal ATV Rider

A police officer on a bicycle tried to stop an illegal ATV in DC.

Washington, DC – A bicycle officer who fell while lunging from his bike to stop an illegal ATV rider is facing scrutiny over whether or not he violated the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) no-chase policy (video below).

An undated video of the incident was posted to Instagram on Monday, WTTG reported.

The video, which appeared to be made by one of the ATV riders, showed a pack of at least six ATVs traveling down a city street, while several police cruisers followed behind them.

An officer on a bicycle pulled closer to the ATVs, and a rider taunted and yelled obscenities at the officer.

The officer ultimately rode up behind one of the ATVs and leapt towards it, in a brave, but failed attempt to stop the rider.

According to MPD, the officer sustained minor injuries, WTTG reported.

“Minibikes, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and other motorized bikes and multi-wheeled vehicles pose a danger to pedestrians and other motorists and are illegal to operate on DC’s streets,” reported What’s New, a weekly MPD newsletter.

“Riders of ATVs and dirt bikes are openly breaking the law on DC streets ... but MPD’s chase policy prohibits officers from pursuing the vehicles,” What’s New continued. “In fact, those familiar with the problem say that some riders come from other areas on stolen dirt bikes and ATVs because DC is known for its no-chase policy.”

According to WTTG, MDP is standing behind the officer’s actions, and said the no-chase policy was not violated in this incident.

“The illegal activity of the ATV riders consistently places the public in danger and exhibits immature behavior,” authorities told WTTG. "We have reviewed the video and will use the footage for investigative purposes surrounding the ATV riders.”

Investigators said they have received “countless tips” regarding the identities of the riders, but no arrests have been made.

Watch the MPD bicycle officer's leap below:

Watching this video, my ONLY concern was for the brave LEO's safety. I hope he did not sustain any severe injuries.

It is heartening to hear that the department is standing behind his effort. It is disheartening to hear that the police department is made impotent in terms of handling (no chase rule) these raging idiots on ATVs. It's just too bad they couldn't be corralled onto a street with several rows of Tire Sticks waiting for them.


So its illegal to ride these things in DC but the cops can't chase you?? Really fucked up logic there!

No surprised places like DC.
That job is run by a puppet bs liberal savage supporting chief. They are not allowed to be cops thats why these savages ride around like they are untouchable. Really sad time in policing in America. Let the place burn. They want cops to standdown then let it all burn. Let those liberal loving chiefs deal with the fallout.

“Minibikes, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and other motorized bikes and multi-wheeled vehicles pose a danger to pedestrians and other motorists and are illegal to operate on DC’s streets,” I don't know who comes up with this stuff.

The only thing worse than the MPD's no pursuit policy is the lack of good judgment displayed by this officer. What did he hope to accomplish by grabbing the ATV??? Did he think that he would be able to stop it with his sheer strength? Did he think this offender would just say "OK, you got me" and stop? Either let these idiots do what they are going to do or step up and stop them. If they are commiting a crime or traffic infraction stop them. If they run, pursue them, until it is unsafe to do so. Investigate them, hold them accountable.

@skullman spike strips, pepper spray and tasers don't need pursuit. Let em wreck and charge em after.

Out west here we just rope em and hogtie them..