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VIDEO: Cops Ram Suspect's Truck With Armored Vehicle And Ventilate Him

Video captured the moment that officers rammed as suspect's vehicle and then opened fire on him.

Sherwood, OR - Officers in an armored vehicle rammed a suspect's truck during a pursuit, and then opened fire on the driver (video below.)

The incident started just after 2:30 p.m. during a response to an armed subject near Southwest Scholls-Sherwood Road and Roy Rogers Road, according to KGW. The incident is still breaking, and the exact circumstances have not yet been released.

Laurel Ridge Middle School was placed on lockdown, and the area was closed off as officers got into a standoff with the suspect, who was refusing to surrender.

A tactical team was called in, and an armored truck approached the vehicle. The suspect's vehicle then took off and the armored vehicle pursued it into a field.

During the pursuit, the armored tactical vehicle rammed the suspect's truck, and then an officer popped out of the top of the vehicle and opened fire on him.

The circumstances behind the use of lethal force have not yet been released. More information is expected to be released soon with those details.

It hasn't yet been confirmed if the suspect was destroyed. UPDATE: Confirmed that the suspect has been permanently relieved of his duty to appear in court.

UPDATE: The suspect had opened fire on officers and “An AR-style rifle was recovered from inside the suspect vehicle," according to authorities.

You can see the video of the incident below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

To learn more about armored vehicles used by law enforcement, visit our partner site, Warrior Maven.

Love when the bad guys are relieved of their duty for court...good job!


When in doubt - take him out! Well done.


Good job by the cops. People who get killed by the cops have no one to blame but themselves. Obey the cops and you live, disobey and you die.


awesome job officer's.


Yea, that's cool, but could he do a 360?