VIDEO: Cop Barely Escapes Knife Attack, Shoots Attacker Inches Away

The suspect was actively swinging the knife at the officer when he was shot. WARNING: Graphic Content.

Clayton, GA – The Clayton Police Department released video of a Feb. 1 police shooting where the suspect crashed a car and then repeatedly tried to stab the officer with a knife before the officer shot and killed him. (Video below)

The incident started when an officer attempted to stop a vehicle that was driving 68 mph in a 45 mph zone, according to Clayton Police Chief Andy Strait.

The video is about 8 minutes, 30 seconds and starts showing the officer in pursuit of the vehicle.

When the officer caught up to the other vehicle, it was crashed into a tree.

The officer got out of the car and ordered the man in the car to not move. Instead, the suspect appeared to try to kick out the back window of the car to escape.

The officer approached the car and repeated the command for the suspect to stay in the car and not to move.

The suspect then succeeded in kicking out the back window and then tried to climb the adjoining tree before jumping on the hood of the car.

The suspect jumped off the hood of the car and lunged at the officer but stumbled while the officer continued to yell for him to stop and get on the ground.

Instead the man got up off the ground and repeatedly tried to stab the officer with a knife. The officer backed up and warned the suspect he would shoot him if he continued but the suspect didn’t relent.

As the suspect was just inches away, the officer shot him.

“At one point, he was able to kick the back window out of the vehicle, climb onto the roof with a knife and dive at the officer on the ground. Officer is continually giving him verbal commands, ‘stop or I’ll shoot,’ and the suspect says ‘I don’t care’ at one point, continues at the officer in a slashing motion, stabbing motion, within less than a foot and the officer was forced to shoot. And unfortunately, the suspect was deceased at the scene,” said Chief Strait, according to WAGA-TV.

The police didn’t release the identity of the officer but did say he was a Marine veteran.

Chief Strait said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation would oversee the officer-involved shooting, according to WAGA.

You can see the video of the incident below. The action starts about 1 minute in. WARNING - Graphic content:

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@jameskeegan what does that mean?

I rarely see stories that show bad police procedure. What I see are one example after another how difficult the job actually is and how some people with zero police experience love to criticize from the safety of their own homes.


@Hi_estComnDenomn the scientology reference may have been funny once but it just shows your ignorance when you continually make reference to something that's not true. Since you happen to be no stranger to making ignorant comments I'm sure you'll continue beating that dead horse.

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What a brave officer. Thank you.


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@LEO0301 Scientologists shun disappointment. This is right up your alley.

And you did link a Church of Scientology article. You keep brushing that under the rug like it didn't happen.

LEO0301, I totally agree with you about what stories we see on this site. "I rarely see stories that show bad police procedure. What I see are one example after another how difficult the job actually is and how some people with zero police experience love to criticize from the safety of their own homes." It's refreshing to see officers being given the credit they deserve for a job well done instead of being demonized.by people who have no clue what they're talking about.


The kid wanted to die.


Love the dive off the roof!


Thank you officer. Hope the scum bag dies

This officer did his job, saved his life and is now trying to render CPR to the man that tried to kill him. Professionalism at its best!


Great job officer!!!

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You try to kill a cop you will die.


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Should be all good in the review. Dumbass brings a knife to a gunfight, this is how it ends. Officer gave him every chance.

Glad the officer is ok. The dirtbag got what he deserved.