VIDEO: 'Call My Mama, Bro!' - Cops Face Backlash After Winning Fight

A Wisconsin teen yelled for his mother while he fought with officers in a mall parking lot on Friday afternoon.

Wauwatosa, WI – A combative teen’s altercation with police ended with his arrest on Friday afternoon, after he and four of his friends caused a disturbance at the Mayfair Mall, police said (video below).

The incident occurred just after 4:30 p.m., when mall security personnel contacted the Wauwatosa Police Department to request assistance with five disorderly individuals who were causing a disturbance, the Wauwatosa Patch reported.

An officer spotted the suspects in the mall parking lot, and attempted to speak with them regarding the complaint, police said.

A bystander, Tyrone Jackson, said he was sitting in the parking lot, when he noticed a mall security officer following two teens he knew from his neighborhood, WBTV reported.

When the Wauwatosa officer arrived at the scene, Jackson stepped in between the officer and one of the teens, he told WBTV.

“When the officer got out of the car I said ‘stop,’ and got in front of the young man,” Jackson said. “Next thing you know he’s like, ‘Let me go!’”

Jackson said he began recording the altercation that ensued, although the fight appeared to be underway prior to the start of the now-viral clip.

As the officers attempted to restrain the irate teen, one officer struck him in the face, the video showed.

The juvenile fell backwards onto the second officer, who was holding onto him from behind.

The officers quickly rolled the teen onto his stomach, but the teen pulled away as they struggled to get his hands behind his back.

“I ain’t doin’ s**t!” he yelled, pushing his chest off of the ground with his hands. “Call my mama, bro!”

The officers were then able to quickly gain control of the juvenile’s hands.

“Call my mama, bro!” the teen said repeatedly.

Bystanders began surrounding the officers, who were still attempting to lift the suspect from the ground.

“Step back!” the officers commanded.

The teen was subsequently charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, the Wauwatosa Patch reported.

Wauwatosa police officials said that the brief video clip showed only a portion of what actually occurred during the incident.

"We have been made aware of a video that is circulating on social media related to this incident,” Captain Brian Zalewski said. “This video shows only a small segment of the interaction between the suspect and the officer.”

“We are reviewing additional video that shows the officer initially attempting to speak with the male, and the suspect refusing to stop and speak with the officer,” Capt. Zalewski explained. “Further, the suspect began to physically fight with the officer who was attempting to legally detain the suspect."

Police Chief Barry Weber said that the department takes all use-of-force situations very seriously, Slate reported.

“We thoroughly review all incidents in which force is used by an officer and will do so in this incident, as well,” Chief Weber added.

You can watch the officers’ takedown of the unruly teen in the video below:

@Hi_estComnDenomn Nope, not embarrassed at all. Why should I be?


Mayfair Mall is a hotbed of criminal gang activity. The law isn't going to be nice anymore!


Don't they realize the body cams will come out and the officers will be cleared??


It's real simple , comply, comply, COMPLY.
any disagreement file a complaint and handle it in court but at the moment of being questioned or ticketed, just comply.


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That won't matter. It will take weeks to be released. In the meantime, THEIR side of the story (cops be bad!) is all over the internet, infecting the brains of the illiterate and ignorant with emotional BS.

By the time the body cams are released, the racial and profession damage is already done...stoking the fires of hatred even more.

Incidents like these are lose/lose situations for the policing profession.


Who controls when body camera videos are released?


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