VIDEO: Bullied 10 Year Old Kills Herself After Video Goes Public

A 10 year old hanged herself after a video was shared online.

Aurora, CO – A 10-year-old girl committed suicide after being bullied over a video of a fight that was posted to social media (video below).

Her parents told KDVR that their daughter, Ashawnty Davis, was a happy little girl until an after-school fight in October.

“My daughter came home two weeks later and hanged herself in the closet,” her mother, Latoshia Harris, said.

Somebody filmed the fight, which her parents said happened because their Sunrise Elementary School fifth grader decided to stand up for herself.

In the video, Ashawnty and another girl were fighting, while a group of kids watched, FOX News reported.

According to Ashawnty’s mother, her daughter confronted the other girl, who she claimed had been bullying her.

“I saw my daughter was scared,” Harris said.

But things got worse for Ashawnty after the fight.

“She was devastated when she found out that it had made it to Musical.ly,” Harris said.

Ashawnty got bullied even more after the video went public. Her parents said she couldn’t handle it, and hanged herself herself.

She spent two weeks on life support and died at Children’s Hospital Colorado two weeks later, KDVR reported.

Her father, Anthony Davis, said his daughter was a victim of “bullycide,” a term for when someone commits suicide because of bullying.

“We have to stop it and we have to stop it within our kids,” he said.

The Cherry Creek School District released the following statement:

“This is a heartbreaking loss for the school community. Mental health supports will be made available for any students who need help processing the loss.

We do not tolerate bullying of any kind in our schools and we have a comprehensive bullying prevention program in place at all of our schools. The safety and wellbeing of students is our highest priority and we strive every today to ensure schools are safe, welcoming and supportive places that support learning.

We were made aware of that video when a media outlet approached us with it. We took immediate action in response, turning the video over to police and addressing the matter with students.

It should also be noted that the video did not take place during school hours.”

You can see edited clips of the video in the broadcast below:

If your daughter was so scared then what was she doing confronting the other girl instead of going to an adult?

What makes you the

What makes you think the adults at the school didn’t already know? Most don’t want to get involved.

I was extremely bullied as a child and sometimes there comes a moment that the bullying gets to be too much and you just go for it. Fear be damned! I tucked my head put up my arms and charged my bully down like a wild bull. She never messed with me again, other's did, but not her. People need to raise their children better. I would have whipped my son's butt if I ever caught him bullying.


Bullies these days are a lot worse because the schools are trying to advertise how great their school is by not reporting violence. But those kids are all over because they're not being punished, they're not being isolated or removed. How can someone worthwhile ever make it out of there with constant assault? It doesn't matter what they may do, these kids aren't going to win and the parents aren't in the know about what was really going on to make their daughter take her own life. It's never just one fight. There's always more that goes along with it.

I’m so sorry for your loss. No parent should have to bury their child. School's are not tough on bullying. They need to be trained how to recognize it and have the ability to send a child home that is bullying. I know this didn’t happen at school but most bullying does. Teachers need to look out for the children. There is not enough consequences for the kids that do bully.

My son was bullied in junior high- I went to the teachers, the vice principal and the principal- this also happened in grade school. Both times I was ostracized. The parents of bullies are usually bullies they intimidate the victims and their parents. I enrolled my son in Tai Kwon Do. Within 2 weeks he started carrying himself differently- he exuded confidence but never aggression. After a very short time the bullies moved onto another victim and never bothered my son again. I believe a lot of the blame falls on how the schools tend to ignore the bullying as they don't want to get in between two sets of parents disagreeing so they act like nothing is happening.

What all has broken down in society today that we are at this point... that a BABY is committing suicide?! I was a single-parent to 2 boys since my oldest was 9 mths old. I didn't have brothers, so what did I know about raising boys? I did teach them from a very young age to take up for themselves if anyone bullied them. We went through the proper channels... 1) Tell the teacher 2) Tell me at the same time 3) I talked to teacher/principal to make sure they know & will do something 4) If nothing is done & bully keeps on, both parents have a meeting w/the principal 5) If nothing done, then I'd taught them what to do to defend themselves & told them to use it as a last resort the next time bully bothers them. This would all happen pretty quickly, not stretched out over weeks or months. Both of my sons have good hearts & would even take up for other kids getting bullied. They are both grown men now & still take up for people. Today's parents need to go back to basics in teaching their children. Have conversations with your older parents or grandparents... Yes, it's your job to be the bad guy sometimes & say NO. Don't try to be their friend, you are the parent first & foremost. Don't let them think they are your equal while they are under the age of adulthood. These last 2 sentences seem to be the biggest problems of today's parents. You're supposed to be raising them to be independent by the time they're technically an adult (which EVERY 18-yr old will throw in your face when convenient!), not "raising" them until they're 30-40 yrs old! #my2cents

@TDK- you're right that no parent should have to bury their child.

This is why I gave my kid a knife to carry at school. I told him to shank them prison style.

We have to teach our children to let us know of all instances of bullying and let them know we will work to resolve it. Also, we should tell them that suicide is never the answer. When my child was being bullied in school, I confronted the girls and I held the teachers accountable. Afterwards, they left her alone when they saw I meant"business"!

It's important to not let the bullying continue too long, as the child gets demoralized. Take care of it ASAP. If not possible, switch schools!