VIDEO: Arrest Made For Brutal Unprovoked Attack On Elderly Man

Police arrested a man whose brutal attack on an elderly man was captured on surveillance video.

Los Angeles - The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested the man who had assaulted an elderly man walking down the street in a brutal, unprovoked attack that was captured on surveillance video on Oct. 10 (video below).

Police identified Dale Shoner, 43, as the suspect, and said they discovered he had been arrested for a similar attack earlier the same day.

Shoner was arrested for a different assault at Santa Monica Boulevard by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies based in West Hollywood, about two hours after his attack on the elderly man that was captured on film.

The first attack took place in the Hollywood area and happened in broad daylight, according to KABC-TV.

The LAPD and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office made the connection after the LAPD released the surveillance video on Nov. 29.

A videographer who saw the security video of the violent attack that was broadcast Wednesday night came forward with video that he took of a man being arrested by deputies in West Hollywood for an unspecified crime that occurred hours after the Hollywood assault, Patch reported.

The surveillance video showed Shoner approaching the elderly man, and at first by pretending to attack him but stopping.

Then he clobbered the elderly man with a black bag as he tried to walk past Shoner on the sidewalk. It hasn't been released what objects were in the bag.

The elderly man crumpled to the ground, and Shoner calmly kept on walking away from the scene of his vicious attack.

Police said the elderly victim suffered serious injuries.

Shoner was being held on $190,000 bail on charges that included robbery, criminal threats, and assault with a deadly weapon, according to KABC-TV.

You can see the video of Shoner attacking the elderly man below:

Sounds like it's time to vote out you lenient politicians. Find some that are committed to keeping citizens safe.

People nearby that witnessed this should be ashamed for not stomping this guy's guts out.

California......They'll let him go with a warning, as long he promises to be good for two whole weeks!

Just shoot the fucker. No need to have this POS walking amongst us. Next time he could kill someone.

Disgusting! Not only the attack itself, but the people who didn't help! I get being afraid for your own safety, but come on!