VIDEO: American Airlines Calls Police To Remove Model Jen Selter

Jen Selter was removed from the plan by police after a confrontation with American Airlines staff.

Miami, FL - Instagram model Jen Selter was kicked of an American Airlines flight after a dispute with an attendant on Jan. 27.

Selter, who has 11.7 million followers on Instagram, stood up in the airplane while it was delayed for an hour and a half, according to TMZ.

She said she got out of her seat to stretch and put her jacket away, according to the New York Post.

A male flight attendant then told her to sit down and said, “You have to sit, ma’am,” according to Selter.

“The plane wasn’t taking off. I told him to relax. But he had something against me,” she said. “He was so nasty.”

Selter said the flight attendant asked her, “Do you want to get kicked off the plane?” Selter said she responded in a sarcastic manner, “Yeah.”

“Just like that, 5 cops coming at me. Worst experience American Air,” Selter tweeted Jan. 27. “I did nothing wrong but got kicked off the plane.”

The New York Post reported that Selter and her sister were escorted off the plane by police.

There is video footage on Selter’s Twitter page that shows a police officer telling Selter, “American Airlines calls the shots. They don’t want you to fly on their plane today.”

Selter said she would never fly American Airlines again.

She told the New York Post, “I’ve seen cops come onto flights. But they shouldn’t kick people off unless something is actually dangerous.”

An American Airlines spokesperson said the company tried to make amends with Selter, but she refused.

“Ms. Selter was asked to leave the aircraft after a disagreement occurred last night at Miami International Airport (MIA),” the spokesperson said. “American offered her hotel accommodations and transportation, which she declined.”

Another passenger was also removed who was sitting in front of Selter after she complained about another issue.

Selter is rumored to be dating NBA basketball star Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks.

You can see videos from the incident below:

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Love it. Attitude does not pay off. You are no better than any other passenger —- love AA and the men and women who have to deal with passengers on a daily basis that think they are special.


She's an Online HOOKER and now she's getting FREEE advertising.


What in heaven’s name is an Instagram Model?


And of course, there's always a hoodrat street lawyer coming to a fool's defense ....

If she was really anybody special, she would've been in first class


An attention whore who posts seductive selfies on Instagram


Is she so stupid she doesn’t understand that you need to follow flight crew instructions, or so undeservedly self-entitled that she thinks being an Instagram whore exempts her? What a stupid, stupid, unattractive person she is.


What's with the hooker and whore talk? Hookers and whores get paid to have sex. She's not doing that. She's getting paid to be pretty.

Get mad if you want to, but there are words better than hooker or whore to describe her.

I don't know about anyone else but when everyone else can follow the rules what makes this bimbo think they just don't apply to her. Because she is pretty abs has a great figure so do MANY women. I am so over spoiled rotten brats getting so much attention by acting like they are above the law or rules that apply to EVERYONE! Get over yourself sweetie no one cares what you think about AA I happen to think they are a great airlines is sounds like they tried to coddle you but you wanted to act like the spoiled brat that you are.



Regardless of who she is she was on a fight that was delayed for an hour and a half and got up to put her jacket on. Flight attendant should have helped her put it on not said a word. All you people talking shit about her either never fly or are hypocrits.

Look up "attention whore" in the urban dictionary. The words describe her perfectly.


We see so many stories like this. For what it's worth, here is my observation: If you just be nice and play by the rules, you will be just fine. This young Millennial was never taught to respect authority or to respect what someone else righteously tells them to do. She was raised, as most Millennials were, to say, "I don't understand, I did nothing wrong, I was just doing (fill in the blank)". When what she should have said was, "Okay, I'm sorry". Why does she want to have a battle with an airline? Does she see dollar signs? Does she see free advertisement? We've got THREE---count 'em----THREE videos up there that she took, showing almost entirely what happened. Now, did anyone catch the ONE part of her video that's mysteriously missing? It's the part where she said a male flight attendant came over to her and yelled and was rude. So where's the video? She records everything EXCEPT that? Come on, I know that these people walk around 24/7 with their earbuds in their ears, holding their smart phones in their hand......she could have started filming. Or maybe another passenger already was. I would like to see this allegedly "irate' employee.


@Hmbfoxtail your language smacks of envy.

If it makes you feel better you have a right to your opinion.

@LEO0301 attention whore is more appropriate. But she's not a whore, from all we can gather.

Wait, I thought she said she wanted to get removed from the flight?

Ok everyone calm down! She's a pretty girl who was a little too into herself at the time, pissing off the flight attendant. Unfortunately, the flight crew shouldn't have to put up with that attitude for the duration of a flight. Lesson learned, hopefully!

I guess she panicked and thought: “Damn I’ve gone 2 hours without being an attention whore! I’ve got to do something!”

While she may not be a whore or hooker she certainly wears the uniform well. Next time just follow the rules and you get to fly dumbass. I would think that when you are an asshole on the ground the airline doesn't want to take a chance on you being just as bad or worse in the air so you get tossed. There is no guaranteed right to fly. Sure you pay for the opportunity but that also comes with an expectation that you will act like a grown up. Better luck next time.