VIDEO: 56-Year-Old Man Gets Fired After Teens Beat Him Unconscious, Rob Him, Steal His Car

Five teenagers were caught on video beating and robbing a pizza delivery man at a gas station.

Philadelphia, PA – A pizza-delivery man was fired by his employer after he was beaten unconscious and robbed by a group of five teens. The whole incident was captured on video (video below.)

The video of the attack clearly shows the faces of all five teenagers wanted in connection with a crime that left 56-year-old Keith Moody with a serious head injury.

The incident occurred on Friday, October 20, after Moody made a pizza delivery to a Lukoil gas station at about 11 pm.

On the way back to his car, Moody was robbed a gunpoint by a group of teenagers.

One suspect hit the Moody on the head with a gun, and knocked him out.

Another suspect picked his pockets as he lay unconscious on the ground in the parking lot.

Yet another suspect stole Moody’s work vehicle, a Chevy Prism.

The owner of the Lukoil franchise told FOX 29 that he struggles with kids loitering in his lot, asking to pump gas for motorists.

He said he has posted a sign urging customers not to allow it.

On Wednesday, police released the surveillance video with a plea for help identifying the five suspects, who they estimate range in age from 14 to 25 years old.

Going on tips received from the community, police arrested two suspects Thursday morning.

Two more suspects have been identified but are not in custody, and a fifth remains at large, according to WPVI.

The victim’s wife, Wanda Moody, said her husband is home from the hospital, but is having memory problems.

“It’s like he’s off balance,” she said.

The victim is mostly just worried about his job.

His boss at the pizza place didn’t hear about what happened to Moody, and fired him. The name of the pizza business has not been released.

They hope Moody’s boss will change his mind when he gets all the information.

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My heart goes out to this man. He needs physical therapy, speech therapy...A concussion of that magnitude he will have to live with short term memory loss. Absolutely disgusting. Someone should be held responsible and help this man out financially, btw is the victim also black? It appears so. These thugs aren't racist they are just criminals who belong in jail for life.

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The man was on the clock doing his job where his employer sent him to make a delivery for the company he works. Appears this happened while doing his job therefore his bosses workers comp insurance is responsible for the bills and compensation and the labor board needs to look at the employer.

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