VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Student Stabs Classmate At School

Video captured the aftermath of the stabbing.

Castroville, CA – A 12-year-old boy was stabbed in the chest by another student at Monterey County Middle School on Monday morning (video below).

The unnamed 12-year-old attacker was recorded in a SnapChat video just after the assault, and was seen holding students and an adult woman at bay with a blade gripped in his right hand.

The incident took place in the bustling school courtyard at approximately 8:30 a.m., just prior to the start of class, KSBW reported.

After the assailant stabbed the boy with a six-inch kitchen knife, he threatened to stab other students if they didn’t keep their distance, Monterey County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Commander Joseph Banuelos told KSBW.

The video showed students nearby running for cover.

Several students began recording the incident with their cell phones. In one video, the knife-wielding attacker was seen pointing his knife towards an adult female, who appeared to be a school employee.

Her motions remained calm and steady throughout the brief video, and she appeared to be talking to the suspect.

The boy was ultimately tackled and subdued by another school employee, and then was taken into custody by police, KSBW reported.

The school went into lockdown for approximately one hour, while a medical helicopter responded to take the victim to a San Jose trauma center, KGTV reported.

According to Commander Banuelos, the boy’s injuries were life-threatening.

The school district superintendent said that his condition was upgraded to stable as of Monday afternoon, KSBW reported.

The incident is under investigation, and police said that the motive for the attack was unclear.

The pre-teen suspect faces attempted murder charges.

Following the incident, more than 100 parents showed up to pick their children up early from school, causing a chaotic scene with parents who were angry they had to wait to retrieve their children, KSBW reported.

Watch video of the student as he faced off with a school employee below:

I cannot validate the dumb portion of your comment but it's true knife attacks take place in much higher numbers than gun attacks.



Trying to kill somebody is trying to kill somebody regardless of the weapon used. Its idiocy to say otherwise. They're a danger and should be locked up for life.

No one's arguing the illegality. But saying "ban knives" is dumb. You can't kill scores of people at once with a knife.

What difference does it make, 1 victim with a knife, more than 1 with a gun, and over 900 killed with koolaid and poison They all died and they didn't deserve to die. I think there is a law that says no one should be killed by another in anger

@Szrudy3 maybe you're not following, even though I've already made the point. Again, no one is arguing illegality.

So you’re saying knife attacks are ok. Assaulting someone whether it’s a knife, a car, a gun, a brick is still an assault.

This just validates what has been said many times before. Whether it’s a gun, knife or some other inanimate object, it’s the person wielding said object. A knife in the hand(s) of a chef is a tool, but in the hand(s) of someone wanting to do evil is a weapon. The same can be said of a gun or any other object that can be used to injure someone.

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Except when they are in the same scale. This kid got 22. The story of the ‘boy with assault rifle’ In FL got 17.

Time for a ban on fully-semi-automatic knives.

One has 0 deaths. One has 17 deaths.

How is this the same scale?

Before you try to reshape the argument, AGAIN, no one is denying the illegality.

Are any of you listening? No one is arguing that stabbings are bad. But to put them on the same scale as gun attacks is ridiculous.

The knife stabbing of 22 in Pa doesn’t count????

It upsets me that someone with your thought process has a vote that counts the same as everyone else's.

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I called you dumb not because you don't think like me, but because I've repeated several times what my argument was and you just can't seem to grasp it.

I call you dumb because you're an adult with zero comprehension.

So . knives can kill? Astounding

Where is the school walkout over death knives?

High Capacity knives must be banned outright... only police should have knives with pistol grips... and knives with carry handles need to be licensed.