URGENT: Suspected Gunman Ronnie Wilson Wanted For Shooting Cop

Ronnie Wilson is wanted for shooting a Knoxville police officer on Thursday night.

Knoxville, TN - A Knoxville police officer was shot on Washington Pike in front of Target Thursday night, according to Knoxville PD, and the suspect has been identified as Ronnie Lucas Wilson.

Ronnie Wilson, 31, escaped after the shooting of the Knoxville officer during a traffic stop and is still on the run.

Wilson has a Tazewell Pike address and may be driving a black mid 70's Chevrolet Nova with a red strip on the hood.

He's also apparently an Aryan Nations gang member and covered in white supremacist tattoos.

He should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. If spotted, call 911 immediately.

The officer has been transported to hospital and their condition still has not been released. UPDATE: Travis Dorman reports that the officer was identified as Officer Jay William. He is listed in stable condition.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the officer and the other officers hunting the gunman.

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@SheepDawg and I doubt most people on this site have any idea how to handle criminal elements. I do have more than average though. My input comes from maritime law enforcement. Feel free to ask next time though, instead of assuming I have zero idea of what I'm talking about.

Side note, you don't talk like the average cop. Food on you.


@Hi_estComnDenomn how's this for tagging... You just got bitch slapped by SheepDawg... https://media1.tenor.com/images/2e2f097d321bc8416d5aa6da8f3dc2c3/tenor.gif?itemid=6103605

Hi_est, thanks for the information. I appreciate the service that you have provided. I have no idea what maritime enforcement entails, but I respect your service. I would submit that this site caters to a different breed of professionals who deal with the reality of the street in some of the worst places in our country. After my 27 years of service and three OIS, I would like to see this site as a resource for respect, possibly some wisdom passed on to others and mature discourse.

I don't believe that the comments here represent the true attitude of the majority of LEO's in America, but maybe they do. If they do, then veterans of service may be able to present an alternative voice. If they do not, a respectful disagreement may cause at least one person to reconsider their thoughts. If that occurs, then a service has been provided.

@Det_John_Kimble I'll give credit where credit is due. He is, so far, the only person I've conversed with on here that I could trade honest "agree to disagree" conversation with. I'm looking forward to it.

And @SheepDawg, the maritime enforcement I did was centered on human trafficking and pirate ops between the Suez Canal (Somalia) and the Strait of Hormuz (Persian Gulf). Boarding vessels, search & seizure, etc. Akin to the Coast Guard doing drug ops between Florida and Cuba.