URGENT: Armando Juarez Sought For Shooting Of Cops At Home Depot

Dallas PD have identified Armando Juarez as the person of interest in the shooting of two Dallas PD officers.

Dallas, TX - Armando Luis Juarez, 29, has been identified as a "person of interest" in the shooting of two Dallas PD officers and a loss-prevention officer at a Home Depot on Tuesday.

A female Dallas police officer was shot in the face Tuesday and is in critical condition, and a 27-year-old male officer was shot in the back of the head and will not survive his injuries, according to WFAA.

A "civilian" loss-prevention officer was also shot.

Multiple news outlets report that the male officer had died, but WFAA advises that the officer is mortally wounded and is only being kept alive until his mother can arrive at the hospital to say goodbye.

Dallas PD Chief Renee Hall refused the confirm the condition of any officers at a press conference Tuesday night.

The incident happened at the Home Depot in the 11,000 block of Forest Central Drive just before 4:30 p.m.

The loss-prevention officer called police for a shoplifting suspect at the store with a theft warrant. Two Dallas PD officers arrived and there was a confrontation where the Dallas PD officers and the loss-prevention officer were shot.

All three were transported to Presbyterian Hospital in extremely critical condition.

An active manhunt is underway for the shooter. Police have identified Armando Juarez as a "person of interest."

Police now say that they believe Juarez fled in a white pickup truck. He should be considered armed and dangerous.

Please share this information on social media even if you aren't in the area - this will help distribute his photo everywhere so he has nowhere to hide.

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My prayers are being offered for all 3 victims, their families and the Blue. God be with you.




bronx 163 and canoe 69. Would it be OK if the idiot from Waffle House killed these officers. Do you want a wall built to keep these killers in? Positive President O'bama had nothing to due with James Shaw Jr. or his father providing him with the gun.

bronx 163 and canoe 69. Would it be OK if the idiot from Waffle House killed these officers. Do you want a wall built to keep these killers in? Positive President O'bama had nothing to due with James Shaw Jr. or his father providing him with the gun

Who's chose James Shaw jr to kill 4 people at the Waffle House?

Shaw didn't kill anyone, he saved a bunch of people. Reinking did the killing.

Your point isn't lost though.

Your have no point. We sadly have more "homegrown" POS than we need. IMPORTING them with freebies is not necessary. If this POS was back in El Salvador, three Americans, and their families would still be whole.Stop with the FEELINGS and start dealing with FACTS.


@FPBIV I like facts as well. With the typical school shooter being a white American teen, what should be done about all white American teens as a group, then?


Come on dude. Get your facts straight. And YES build the wall. We'll deal with the idiot scum that's already here no matter the race. The law isn't racist.


Or any politician with a D behind their name.


Well the guy from the Waffle House shooting was from Chicago Ill. Where Obama is from, where his buddy is mayor and where Democrats continue to rule it until its completely in the ground. His father gave him back his gun that was "taken" Maybe they should have really "taken" it. The wall is to keep criminals, gangs and the drugs out. Only an uninformed person that watches CNN/MSNBC would have a problem with building the wall that would keep American's safe. Wouldn't you say these same people Democrats, msm would be hypocrites for being against a wall when if fact the MSM had nothing bad to say about it when Democrats voted for a wall, Hillary Clinton voted to pay for the wall, Obama, Bill and Hillary all said the exact same thing about illegals coming into this country Trump has said. Suddenly Trump hates and is racist for repeating what Democrats already said? You can watch all of them say what I just told you on you tube, you know in cases you "missed it" watching the MSM.

You know we can set here & blame politians all day, and it wont help. I do believe the left & Obama dont have a clue whats really happening. The left says gun control & the right says build the wall. Well guess what we need gun control & we need the wall. Gun control is everyone without a criminal past should be required to own a gun. even if you leftist, kept it unloaded & locked up. The left needs to realize, if I was in a place with my gun as I alway's have it. I a republican will be the one deffending your life, if someone was on a killing spree & we both were there. Then where is your gun control issue, or would you rather just let me set there & say hey he is only killing democrats. This kind of problem really isnt left right or the wall. It's the way society is. Our parents need to take ownership of the kids they raise. I may have missed it, but is this guy Illegal? I am 100% pro mexican as I live in Texas, but we should have a wall, no doubt. We need to end illegals from coming as the wish. Yes I have Illegal friends, they work hard & are wonderful people. It also bothers me that they haven't become legal. Reading the laws they cant become legal while in the US. They have been here 25 years & have kids in college here. It sucks for them, but they broke our law & chose to come here as illegals. So I have a argument for & against Illegals. But the wall wont stop the killings, No guns as the left wants will stop the killings. Raise kids to have morals, & a belief system, make kids understand there are consequences for their actions.

send em back boys

Is this person an Illegal Alien? Do you notice that you can never get an answer to that question anymore?

I didn't see anywhere in the article where it said he was illegal! People might assume that because he is a Mexican.

Some common sense guns laws are needed, it's not like they are going to affect responsible gun owners. The right wing, and the NRA have been pushing guns on everybody, to carry anywhere, and everywhere! I'm not against people carrying firearms at all, most gun owners are very responsible, but everybody doesn't need a gun, this is not the wild, wild, west! Some people should not have guns period. I agree with most everything you said about the illegals. I know they're hard workers, they can outwork most Americans. I've worked with them in Texas, in Tennessee, and in Missouri, they work very hard. Of course there's good, and bad in every race! A wall is not going to stop illegals that come here on work visas, or other types of programs. A lot of illegals are not even Mexican, that are currently coming here. But yes they did break the law, and something needs to be done in a humane way. We have our government to thank for passing this problem down the line for decades, and it doesn't look like it's going to be solved anytime soon. I'm a little confused by your statement about gun control, and a wall? What does one have to do with the other? White people are doing most of the killing! Cop killer in Maine, white, The parkland shooting, white, the shooting in Nashville, white, the shooting in Las Vegas, white,etc.....

Obama passed no gun restriction laws. In fact, he signed bump stocks into law. Trump has an infinitely higher record for gun control.

Just thought you should know.

Nothing. A few bad apples don't make the whole orchard bad. Just continue teaching them life saving techniques and arm some of the staff.

@CBedlam but a few bad apples means you should be paying closer attention to your orchard to make sure something isn't spreading. And something has already spread. Something has to be done.