Two Charged For Bullying 12-Year-Old Girl To Suicide

Middle school student Gabriella Green committed suicide after she was bullied and harassed.

Panama City Beach, FL – Two 12-year-old middle school students have been charged with cyberstalking, after they allegedly harassed and bullied a peer, contributing to her suicide, police said.

Gabriella “Gabbie” Green, 12, was found hanging from a dog leash in a closet in her home on Jan. 10, People reported. The unresponsive child was pronounced dead at a hospital.

While investigating the pre-teen’s death, police learned that she had been the victim of cyberbullying, CNN reported.

Officers combed through cell phone records and social media accounts, and ultimately located two peers who had been harassing Green.

A 12-year-old female suspect admitted to police that she wanted to stir up problems between Green and another peer, so she made derogatory comments about her both in person and online.

"Her actions consisted of starting rumors of the victim having sexually transmitted diseases, vulgar name-calling ... and threats to 'expose' personal and sensitive details of the victim's life,” a police report said, according to CNN.

When the girl learned that Green had committed suicide, she deleted the messages.

Police also questioned a 12-year-old male suspect, who told them that Green texted him and complained that she was having a bad day. He said that he and Green spoke via video chat, and that she told him she tried to hang herself and had marks on her neck.

The boy explained that as Green continued to talk about considering suicide, he told her, “If you’re going to do it, just do it.”

He said he then hung up on her.

The boy told police that he regretted what he had said, and that he tried to contact Green, but she never answered.

“During their interview, both children confessed to engaging in conduct, which was directed at Ms. Green, knowing that said conduct would result in emotional distress,” the Panama City Beach Police Department (PCBPD) said in a Monday news release, according to People.

According to KABC, the students did not alert any adults regarding Green’s threats of suicide or her compromised state of mind, police said.

The suspects are not being named because they are juveniles.

The PCBPD noted that “the investigation did not reveal that cyberbullying was the sole cause of Ms. Green’s death,” but confirmed that “cyberbullying was transpiring at the time of her death.”

Through their investigation, police learned that many pre-teens have access to unrestricted and unmonitored social media applications, and said they will hold a training session to help parents learn how to provide better oversite of their children’s online behaviors, KABC reported.

beautiful child--most likely bullied cause the other two was jealous. My daughter was bullied all because she was so pretty and the other girls was jealous. I made my daughter fight once and that was all it took. They knew if they picked on her anymore they would have to fight--so most bullys are cowards at heart--fight back and they will leave you alone!


There is NO WAY I would allow a 12 year old to have unsupervised access to either a cell phone or social media. I also wonder why the parents didn't see this coming and deal with it. I don't know the circumstances, but as a Father of two girls, I think most self esteem issues result from not getting enough love and attention at home.


The root cause of this is lack of proper socialization and discipline by parents. Teens need strong discipline, and these two who did the bullying should have known that kind of behavior is forbidden. They made bad decisions because parents didn't teach them to know the difference.


I'm at a loss for words. I realize that the bullies are only 12-year-olds, but c'mon! Surely there will be more than "sensitivity training" as punishment for them!!

OK, they need more parental supervision, but have we come to the point that 12-year-old kids are simply this hard-hearted?? I'm so sad to come to this realization.


The two 12 years old brats at the bare minimum ought to be required to have no cell phones in their possession for the remainder of middle school. They should be required to perform community service and make sure that it is some place like a hospital. And a curfew so that their whereabouts are known at all times.


You make that kind of comment but what if that was your angel. That's the problems with a lot of these kids now, cause there under age they know there just going to get a slap on the arm. Take there phone's and computer's away bless their hearts what about this Beautiful young Lady whose name and innocents was taken from her cause of two heartless brats. This family who lost a beautiful young lady who had the world to look forward to. These two will never suffer for what they did and nothing can bring this loving young lady back. My heart goes to to her and her family.


This is such a tragic story. Everyone says stop the bullying!! Then turn around and do just that and always about somethin NOT their business!!the TROLLS, BUDDINSKIS,and ones who think they are entitled to give their unasked opinion (no one cares)
Then Kristin Bell does an award show the other night and says the stupidest thing. Made a joke about mrs trump and wanting to stop cyber bulluing. BELL ACTED LIME BOT A BIG DEAL. TAKE YOUR HEAD FROM THE SAND AND READ THIS. IT KEEPS HAPPENING. YOURE IGNORANT!

Probably bullied beacasue of her looks. RIP Gabriella.

They should spend their adolescent years in reform school and then shipped off to prison for a few more.

RIP Beautiful little angel. Bullying is not acceptable ! There is to much going on now a days. These poor kids that think that they have no way out but to kill themselvesis sad. I has to stop. To many young lives are taken because of bullies .

Makes me ill just reading the cruelty of youth... 💔💔💔

The bullies need to be separated, placed in adult prisons, and dumped in general population.