Teacher Fired After Calling Police When Student Sexually Assaulted Her

A teacher sued her school district after she was fired for reporting a sexual assault in her classroom.

​Dobbs Ferry, NY – A former Westchester County school teacher has sued the Greenburgh Eleven school district and a school principal after they fired her for reporting a sexual assault in her classroom.

Judy Sugar was assaulted on May 14, 2015 by a student who came up behind her and touched her legs and rear end with his exposed penis as she bent over a microscope, according to the complaint filed on Thursday in the U.S. District Court in White Plains.

Sugar immediately told the school principal what had happened, but Elton Thompson did nothing about it.

It wasn’t the first time she reported this student to the principal, the New York Post reported.

Her supervisor told her that to file a police report, she’d have to go by the Dobbs Ferry Police Department on her way home.

But Sugar called the police from the school, which is located on the campus of The Children's Village, a facility for troubled youth, Lohud.com reported.

When Thompson heard Sugar had called the police, he told her to leave the school property, and made her think her job was in danger. Then the school turned police away when officers arrived to take the report, according to the New York Post.

Sugar went to the police station on her way home, and filed the report about the sexual assault.

Police arrested the student the next day, and Sugar was issued a protective order that barred the student from contact with her, according to the lawsuit.

Four days later, Sugar was fired from her job.

The New York Post reported that the school district claimed she’d violated a policy that prohibited teachers from calling the police to report a crime on school grounds.

Sugar denied having any knowledge of that policy, and her lawsuit called it “unconstitutional.”

The lawsuit filed by Russell Wheeler, Sugar’s attorney, called for the former teacher to get her job back, with back pay, bonuses and benefits. It also asked that the school district be ordered to pay Sugar’s legal fees.

Greenburgh Eleven Superintendent Anthony Gyetua-Danquah said he had not yet seen the lawsuit.

"I’m not going to comment because I have not been made aware of it," Gyetua-Danquah told Lohud.com on Monday.

@RachelTania that's dumb. It's like saying every chick named Rachel is destined to falsely accuse someone of rape.

Just saying, there is an alarming trend of victims being punished for reporting things both here and in Europe/UK and often, there is a common theme. I'm just calling it the way I see it.

In Texas, the principal and any others who failed to report the crime could be indicted criminally.

I would hope so! That's a vile thing to try and hush up.

first of all she has every right to file a complaint about a crime even if she isn t the victim !. and this asshole who fired her? should also be tried in federal court for trying to deprive her of her rights. no where in the United States are you ever forced to give up your right to defend yourself and face your attacker as well as your accuser in a court of law. if that is a clause in the employees contracts? then that school and it's administration should be shut down !.

For anyone defending the school/district.. fuck you.

Police responded to a crime report and they were turned away by the administrators.. .sounds like a minimum charge of Obstructing Governmental Administration but more likely Obstruction of Justice. Firing the victim could be Witness Tampering. I hope their DA is on the ball.

A future pedophile is on the loose. They better get him some help or he'll end up in big boy jail or worse.

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Hippo, I'm pretty sure that it was a non-white.....