Stephon Clark's Brother Arrested, Held On $1M Bail

Stephon Clark's older brother, Stevante Clark, was arrested Thursday afternoon.

Sacramento, CA – The older brother of Stephon Clark was arrested on a felony threat charge on Thursday afternoon.

Stevante Clark, 25, was arrested at about 12:10 pm on April 19th and charged with suspicion of threatening to cause death or serious injury, and calling 911 to annoy or harass, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Police booked Stevante Clark into the Sacramento County jail.

The Sacramento Bee said he was held at the facility which noted a $1 million bail, but also noted that his charges made him ineligible for bail.

KCRA reported that the Sacramento Police Department had requested that Stevante Clark not receive bail in consideration of the seriousness of his crime and public protection.

Sacramento Police Department Spokeswoman Linda Matthew confirmed that Stevante Clark had been arrested, but would not release any details of the circumstances of the arrest.

Family member Sonia Lewis, who was also a member of Black Lives Matter Sacramento, told The Sacramento Bee that she was in the process of notifying the rest of the family of Stevante Clark’s arrest.

Lewis said she did not know why Stevante Clark had been arrested, but that he had been suffering mental health issues recently.

She said she was concerned he had been arrested and taken to jail rather than taken for a mental health evaluation.

“At this point, it’s a processing of his grief as well as continued mental health issues that he’s not addressing,” Lewis told The Sacramento Bee.

Stevante Clark recently received inpatient mental health treatment after police encountered him when responding to a 911 call for a disturbance.

Lewis said Stevante Clark wasn’t coping well with the intense media and public attention that followed his brother’s death on March 18.

He caused a major disturbance at a city council meeting on March 27, marching up to the dais and leading chants after asking Sacramento if they loved him.

Stevante Clark was scheduled to appear in court on Friday, KCRA reported.

His arrest happened on same day Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated in downtown Sacramento to demand the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office file charges against the officers shot his brother.

On Monday, police released video from an additional 23 dashcams, 28 bodycams, two 911 calls, and the rest of the video from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department helicopter that was over the scene at the time of Stephon Clark’s shooting, KCRA reported.

Sacramento police also released 911 call recordings from the Clark’s grandfather and his grandparents’ next door neighbor that evening.

In the recording, a man believed to be Clark's grandfather, Tommy Thompson, told the dispatcher that someone was in his backyard "beating on my window and I don't know what's going on," KCRA reported.

The grandfather, who had lost both of his legs to complications with diabetes, told 911 that he couldn’t get out of bed to see who was beating on his window.

Police advised the man to stay inside until he was contacted by police, KCRA reported.

Family members later said relatives regularly knocked on the rear window so Thompson could use a remote garage door opener to let them into the house, but his reaction and recorded 911 call the night of the shooting indicated otherwise.

On Monday, police confirmed that the 911 call had, in fact, come from inside Clark’s grandparents’ home.

Police also released a recording of a 911 call received from Thompson’s next door neighbor reporting someone trying to break into his home, received just before the call from Clark's grandfather.

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