State House Blocks Law Protecting Police K9s Because It's Anti-Black

The Missouri House voted against a bill that would have raised penalties for injuring or murdering K9 officers.

​Jefferson City, MO – A bill that would have raised the penalties for injuring or murdering police K9 officers failed to pass on Monday, after a group of mostly black legislators suggested the bill was anti-black and said dealing with police accountability legislation was more important.

The bill was introduced after Cass County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) K9 Champ was stabbed in the neck while he assisted Harrisonville Police Department (HPD) officers in a pursuit and arrest on Dec. 11, 2017, The Kansas City Star reported.

K9 Champ, who officers found bleeding heavily from a 1 ½ inch stab wound to his neck, survived the attack, and has returned to duty, WDAF reported.

But under current law, his assailant faced a maximum of just 15 days in jail, and a fine of $700 – the same potential penalty for theft of a library book, according to WDAF.

“We need to strengthen Missouri’s laws,” Missouri Governor Eric Greitens told The Missouri Times. “These K-9s do incredible work on behalf of our people. They are trained, tough dogs, and they help keep Missourians safe.”

If enacted, the new law would have raised the penalty for incapacitation or murder of a K9 officer to three to 10 years. Defendants convicted of assaulting a K9 officer would have faced a year in jail and a $2,000 fine, The Kansas City Star reported.

The bill failed on a vote of 73 to 68, after some black members of the legislature raised concerns that passage of the bill would send a message that K9 officers were more important than the concerns of African-Americans.

According to the Associated Press, some Missouri House members argued that K9 officers were used by police to subdue black people.

“Police dogs historically, and to this day, have been used against African Americans,” Rep. Gail McCann Beatty said.

Opponents were also critical of the fact that the bill was among the first to be considered, while legislation related to police accountability had not been addressed.

Rep. Shamed Dogan noted that the potential penalties proposed in the bill were harsher than some sexual assault penalties. He also argued that citizens have a “right to defend” themselves against a K9 officer, and that the proposed measure would have eliminated that.

"Of course I want to protect our officers," Dogan said, according to the Associated Press. "But giving special protections to their dogs I think is a step too far, and it's a step that takes away my right to defend myself."

Dogs can smell one part to 1 million. So... that means a dog can smell one drop of dope in 1 million gallons of water. Same with explosives. It is a lot more accurate than you think. If someone had dope in their car and had removed it before the stop, it can still be detected. It's a residual detect. Happens a lot. More with reefer than anything else. If you have been arrested just because the dog hit on something and no evidence was collected, then you may have a case against the cops. Otherwise, you just experienced a delay in your day. The training the dog undergoes is extensive. I had friends in Viet-Nam that used dogs for a much higher purpose than finding dope or chasing down and idiot. Dogs have been trained for years and the training has improved tremendously over the past 30 years. Dogs do not false hit. The dope may not be there now, but they do not false hit.

I can't believe some of these responses about how K9's only attack black people. First of all, dogs see black and white. If you do the crime you do the time.. I had a German Shepard, and she protected me from being attacked by a white person and she had him by the throat, until a police officer arrived. Now if the perp attacked and killed my dog, guess what I would use any type of weapon to put that person down, whether you are black or white... Does that mean I am a racist? oh hell no. Also, if you kill or maim a K-9 you should do the punishment if he were a human.

@Cinarab123 how do you figure dogs see black and white?

As a retired K9 officer, I am appalled by the antics of those who represent us in creating laws to protect citizens. Dogs are not used to be more aggressive towards a certain race of people. Dogs are trained to detect drugs & those who vilate society. Even those, if they comply to officers commands need not have fear of the dog. Only those who fail to comply to officer's command & either flee or attack the officer or dog, then the dog is deployed. It makes no difference if your white, black, brown, or purple, the dog is coming after you. He only knows what his handler commands him to do & when given the command to "off", he then returns to being a pussy cat again. Dogs protect all lawful citizens including the black community. Those who say that dogs were used mainly against blacks in the past have to remember it was the politics that was the guilty, not the dogs. Surely these politician's must realize K9s protect lawful people of color also. I guess common sense is not a prerequisite to be a state legislator.

Probably referring to color blindness.

@chiefd yeah, that's not seeing black and white. shades of blue and purple look alike to them, and everything probably has a slight yellow tint. they can still separate most colors though.

These dogs have earned & been given the title of an Officer. Any and all laws should apply. Also, anyone harming a K-9 should have done to them the same harm they did to the K-9. They should face the same harm as they did. The perp should not be allowed any medical attention at the cost of tax paying citizens. If they are on Medicaid, Welfare or what not it should be forfeited indefinitely.

They wouldn't have to worry about the penalties if someone injured or killed my K9.

As an old K-9 officer, I find that those idiot politicians in Missouri voting against protecting and supporting police K-9's should be removed from office, as they are showing their true colors of hating police! The bullcrap about the K-9 attacking mostly blacks because they are black is totally insane! Hey, you dumb-ass politicos......dogs are color blind!

Now dogs are prejudice?

Veterinarians use to say dogs only saw black and white but new studies say they see Yellow blue and gray

Indeed. I said almoat the exact same earlier.

These jack asses should look in the mirror and ask themselves how they got this job in the first place. It sounds like they their own agenda. And its not helping the police.

I did not read your previous comment about dogs seeing black and white... \

Any K9 handler that maims a perp for a low level crime should be charged with the commensurate crime.


If you are told to stop or the K-9 will be released, What are you thinking???? You stop and if you continue you deserve to be bit. end of discussion. PERIOD. Regardless of color. These Black members of Legislature need to be put in a Police Car so they can witness what our men and women (add K-9) have to deal with every single day. They are the ones being racist! To Rep Shamed Dogan: What do you mean Citizens have a "Right to defend" themselves against a K-9 Officers? If that Citizen was not running or doing hat the Police Officer told him to do then the K-9 would not have to do his job.

Don't sic the dogs on them, shoot the assholes.....Enough said....

Idiots who will not comply with an officer's orders to stop or drop need to be bitten. The dogs are HEROES who are doing their jobs.

It isn't the police' fault that monkeys attack K9s while white criminals surrender.

I agree with you 100%.