'Southern Justice' Star, Josh 'Hoppy' Hopkins Acquitted Of Murder

Deputy Joshua 'Hoppy' Hopkins was acquitted of murder.

Yadkinville, NC – Tennessee Deputy Joshua “Hoppy” Hopkins was found not guilty Monday of second-degree murder charges in the death of a North Carolina man.

Hopkins rose to fame during National Geographic’s “Southern Justice” reality show. Hopkins is now a deputy in Carter County, Tennessee, according to WJHL-TV.

Deputy Hopkins was charged in September of 2015 in the killing of Dallas Shatley who died when police responded a disturbance call.

During the incident, Shatley dragged Hopkins 40 yards with a truck and was about to turn around and run him over after Hopkins was thrown to the ground. The deputies fired on the truck after watching it kick into drive.

Shatley also had a loaded high-powered rifle in the car with him. The police had been dispatched to Shatley’s residence 89 times from 2010 to 2015.

Hopkins was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office as well as the State Bureau of Investigation for his actions in the July 8, 2015 shooting of Shatley.

However, Ashe County District Attorney Tom Horner, a friend of Shatley, still filed second-degree murder charges against Hopkins.

Carter County Sheriff Dexter Lunceford hired Deputy Hopkins to work with his department before before the legal proceedings began. Deputy Hopkins was then placed on administrative leave.

Sheriff Lunceford told WCYB-TV that he would talk with Deputy Hopkins to discuss consideration of being reinstated.

The jury received the case on Friday and reached the verdict by mid-afternoon Monday, according to WCYB.

"We have to look at all the factors in that situation when we have our talk," Sheriff Lunceford said. "It appears the jury came to a quick verdict and think that helps his situation. It's a good indicator for him."

Arthur57: Yes, I read the article. I was not being judgmental either way-simply stating a fact that was not contained in the article. Don't know either Shatley or the Hopkins families and certainly was not accusing Hopkins because he is law enforcement. My dad was an officer killed in the line of duty by a drunk during a domestic violence call!!!!!!!!

If it is justified it doesn't matter if he kills one every day

The D.A. used to be the district attorney in yadkinville Tom Horner was charged with being a peeping tom(name sure fits) so we dont have to worry about him being a D.A. unless you mean DumbAss then yes he's the state's D.A.

Good cops and Bad cops are irrelevant. Good people have bad things happen to them and bad people have great things happen sometimes. But in my experience most of the worst people live the longest because they know exactly where they are going when they die

How shocking to read this story. Having only recently discovered the series Southern Justice, and particularly Deputy Hopkins, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism whilst on duty. He comes across as a very decent human being, considering the people he has to come into contact with in his line of work. This story pretty much stinks, but so delighted that justice was served. That DA should be forced to resign, he is obviously not a decent individual and certainly should not be in that position. Deputy Hopkins should never have been charged in the first instance. Lots of kind wishes to all the officers out there performing their duty and sending very fond wishes from Belfast, Northern Ireland to ‘Hoppy’ in particular.