Again, this is no insult to me. I am not a Christian. I do not believe in your Savior. You are free to believe whatever you choose to, but please don't put your religious beliefs onto me. I have a Right to practice my own religion, thank you.

In my experience, cops don’t like to engage with John Q in a friendly manner. I’m a senior, too, and I’ve come across some very infuriating cops who have barked at me rather than deal with me as another human being in the most innocent of circumstances. But, I’ve also had experiences with wonderful cops with huge hearts, who went out of their way to help me. Further, cops are a big part of our family with several uncles, friends on the force. My uncles on the beat came across some horrendous problems, especially the little kids left alone, neglected, dirty, hungry, cold. They would always take care of those kids, get them fed, get them into nurturing environments, buy them food, clothes and toys. I believe that police have a right to stay alive and make it home to their families after every shift. Anything can be used as a weapon against a cop. Cops can’t read minds. They don’t know what a threatening type might do in a second flat. Obey the commands. Don’t brandish a weapon of any kind. Don’t behave in a threatening manner at all. Cops have to make split second decisions in the course of protecting the public and themselves in intense situations. I support the police.

I think you are wrong the major of cops are great & couldn't be more helpful. There are bad apples just like in any job. I also feel it how you treat them. What goes around comes around

It's funny how you can criticize the police calling for restraint when you've never worn a uniform of a police officer or a Soldier. Imagine a job where 90% of the people you dealt with on a daily basis, berate you, are uncooperative, argumentative, calls you names, throws bottles and rocks at you as you cruise the neighborhood. Cops have to deal with the low lives and the worst society has to offer every day. You have a tendency to get jaded, Soon you start believing everyone is like that.


I don't know about the David French piece. I get what he is saying, but my observation as a retired career Marine but not a cop, is that the police are often on their own with traffic stops or other encounters while soldiers are rarely ever thrown into a situation on their own. At the very least you have your buddy, and generally, you are operating as part of a squad, platoon, company or battalion. That greatly changes what is "reasonable fear". If you take a round in the sapi plate, your buddies provide cover fire and drag you to safety. If a cop is by himself and he talks a round, the suspect could be on him and disarm and/or kill him. That is not to say there are no bad shoots, just that I don't see the situations as comparable. Where I think the police absolutely cross the line in regards to their safety vice doing the job, is when they refuse to enter a dangerous situation such as the Parkland shooting.