Senior citizen. You are the worlds biggest douche

You know, comments like yours only proves to me everyday that cops and their defenders are the "worlds biggest low-lifes." If you don't have anything intelligent to add to the conversation, then STAY OUT!

Instead of engaging ignorant, cop-hating trolls like SeniorCitizen, just take this into consideration instead:
At some point in their life, they, or someone they love, will urgently need the assistance of a police officer. And when that does happen, the Thin Blue Line will be there to help.
Until that happens, haters gonna hate.


I don't doubt that you're alone in your feelings. There are plenty of teenagers that will agree with you that police are assholes. Funny thing is, they're teenagers, and eventually you grow out of that line of thinking.


You're totally wrong. There are many, many mature adults who believe the same as I do. Just try reading the comments on NY Times articles concerning police brutality. Actually, I think that it would behoove you Blues to start understanding that many, many law-abiding citizens distrust police. You need to get out of your little Blue bubble and hear what the rest of the country is thinking about you guys. My issue with the police is NOT personal; it's about justice for others.

There lies your problem SeniorCitizen, you are one who probably depends too much on victim-pimping Leftist rags like the NY Times, whose credibility has been defecated on for the past decade or more with stories they've had to retract.

DON'T GET ME WRONG, I agree with you to an extent that there are a LOT of assholes wearing badges, often pursuing those badges for a license to BE assholes and get away with it. However, if you can think objectively for a moment, you'd realize that you only HEAR about the assholes in the news and that there HAS to be a thousand decent cops to every 1 bad one (at least 100:1, right!?).

Statistics consistently prove the media's narrative about cops to be based selectively on isolated and rare incidents and selectively reported to fit a narrative of identity politics. Either way, the narrative is disingenuous, if not outright dishonest.

I've had my own experiences with cocky rude pricks and bullies wearing the uniform, so I understand that your own experiences with cops may have all been bad, forming your opinion of them. But, you have to consider all the evidence (which includes legitimate statistics) to form a credible argument, despite your opinion.

I may be suspicious of cops, myself, but I am well aware that there are many cops who get a bad image from those assholes and don't deserve that stigma. But then, I also agree they should be more proactive in weeding the bad ones out. Hell, they would be safer, themselves, if they helped the People to get rid of the bad apples.

Kudos to you for calling them out when they act wrong, but it does your argument better to be more objective.

Nope not at all it's easy when your an author going out in a 15+ man pltoon with armor to talk shit!

Why does he not talk when he is one man facing many others?

Iraq combat veteran and police officer here saying this author is full of shit! Easy when you have 15+ people and full auto weapons and cannons be hide you to be brave!!!!

Also the author knows shit about the people in Iraq! Kids are the smartest people there and they know an IED went off to go and hide! No scope it out unless they where apart of the IED!

Seniorcitizen I ask you what is your service to our country?

Why is everyone so nasty toward each other?