Sheriff's Deputy Resigns After Selfie Goes Viral

Deputy John Luttrell resigned after sheriff's department completed its investigation

Knox County, Kentucky - A Knox County sheriff’s deputy resigned after he posted a picture on social media of himself posing with a “thumbs up” next to an unconscious woman in a car with the caption, “Another day at work.”

Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith was made aware of the picture Nov. 14 and began an internal investigation, Kentucky.com reported. Deputy John Luttrell resigned after the investigation, the news site stated.

"The Sheriff's office is committed to providing professional, transparent service to the people of Knox County, and will hold all of its employees to that standard,” Smith told the Mountain Advocate.

Police didn’t release any information on why the woman appeared to be unconscious or the nature of events that led Deputy Luttrell to the scene.

Social media reaction was mixed on the Facebook post made by Kentucky.com.

“Good news: you got more shares than other picture you’ve ever posted,” said a Jenny Schnurr on the Kentucky.com Facebook page. “Bad news: your boss saw it and you don’t come out looking great. Oops.”
Wrote a Tom Wilson: “I don’t understand how he can get fired for that. He didn’t do anything wrong.”
A Glenda Amon replied to Wilson’s post: “His job isn’t to post pics on social media. His job is to protect and serve.”

“He violated the public trust and company policy,” said a Jenny Sa.

“Because a medical professional doesn’t post selfies of diabetes amputees, nor lung cancer stge 4, hospice patients?” a Nicole Lindon wrote.

“Shouldn’t lose your job over that,” a Donald Stump added.

Do you think that this deputy should have been forced to resign over the selfie? We'd like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

I've seen worse. One LEO posted a mangled vehicle which took someone's life. He was the first responder. He said this is why you don't speed. A person died. Not the best choice to promote an anti-speeding post.

The punishment seems a little harsh unless there is more to the story.

No, he should be reprimanded but losing his job, no. I bet if a black officer did it to a white woman never a word would be heard.

Should be suspended not fired or force to resign. Savages on street are treated better. American policing is finished. Far left has destroid last frontier.

It depends, was the face obscured in his post? If so, then no. If it was clear and the person could be identified, yes. At any rate, he should have been suspended without pay for two weeks as an example that this type of behavior cannot be condoned and even when the public does something stupid, you must show respect, not ridicule.

HIPAA extends to Law Enforcement too.

Should he terminated? I don't think so. Reprimanded? Yes. But here's the deal, he's just SHOWING society what he has to deal with on a daily basis. Was his method maybe a bit insensitive? Perhaps. But for fucks sake, the world is going to shit and we just continue to sugar coat everything so noone gets their feeling hurt. What IF maybe someone seeing this has a change of heart and decides NOT to I don't know, do something illegal???????


Nah what he did is bullshit...the person unconscious is still a person. Her life is already going to be destroyed, if it isnt already. There is no reason to throw salt on the wound and embarrass her more by posting this on social media. Its not only degrading but was very unprofessional. I stand by cops and what they do but this cops actions are disgusting.

He isnt just showing what he has to deal with. Hes purposely making fun of them with his obvious smile n thumbs up. There was no message with it or lesson. They dont even say why shes unconscious. What if someone beat her up n left her there?

I don't understand why "sleeping" in your car is such a heinous transgression. Much of what we perceive is manipulated by insidious use of words such as unconscious as if drugs are the only explanation for a person to be asleep in their car.

A mistake for sure...but to lose your job? A bit harsh I think.

Stupid but should not be fired...

These idiots and there selfies and posting STUPUD on social media is juvenile. No, he should not be fired but kick his the ass hard for being stupid. Everybody thinks its is funny to post stupid shit on F/B....They need to grow up

"My baby didn't do nuffin"

don't think he should have been fired..reprimanded yep..fired no..they have a hard job and are attacked by everybody..his humor is a little skewed but at least his has a sense of humor no less..In his line of work he needs one.

Dumb, but he should not have been terminated.