Rikers Inmates Being Given Domino's Pizza Parties For Not Killing Each Other

A report from NY Post says that inmates at Rikers Island are being given Domino's Pizza as a reward for not acting violently.

New York City - Rikers Island prisoners are getting taxpayer-funded pizza parties, with outside pizza being brought in from Domino's Pizza, as a reward for not being violent, according to a report from NY Post.

The Post reports that over two dozen pizzas were seen being brought into the Otis Bantum Correctional Center, which holds the city's worst prisoners in the “Central Punitive Segregation Unit.”

The pizza appears to be part of a plan to reduce violence from inmates.

Patrick Ferraiuolo, president of the Correction Captains’ Association, told The Post that the pizza deliveries violate the rules at the facility, but taxpayers regularly cover the cost of buying Domino's Pizza for prisoners.

“Since when is bringing food in from the outside not considered contraband?” Ferraiuolo told The Post. “It’s not jail food that’s part of the everyday menu.”

“It’s deplorable and disgusting because you have officers that aren’t even afforded a meal leave, and you’re rewarding these inmates with pizza and sodas for good behavior,” union delegate David Fitzgerald said.

Pizza parties started under ex-commissioner Joseph Ponte in 2014. The next year he started rewarding teenage inmates with cash as well as pizza for not being violent.

Ponte quit in May over a scandal involving him using a city-owned vehicle and gas card to drive to Maine.

“This was not ‘pizza-gate,’ ” Rikers spokesman Peter Thorne told The Post. “We gave a couple of slices each to inmates participating in a program that helps reduce violence. And we’d do it again, because these programs are working.”

Serious attacks on officers are down 65 percent since fiscal 2014, but it's not clear how much the pizza contributed to this decline.

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New Yorkers are forced to fund pizza parties to those who rob or rape or harm them. That's what they get for voting in liberals.


I'll be probably hated for this, but if it stops violence in prison and helps keep corrections officers safer, I don't see a problem with it. Not everyone in prison is a hardcore violent felon with an arm length prison record. Yes, I am aware Rikers is for "violent offences", but doesn't mean they are fully violent all the time. If they were getting it for no reason, I would have an issue with it.

WolfGrrrl, you have the right to your opinion. I certainly don't hate you! As long as you're literate and don't heap verbal abuse on those you disagree with, we'll get along just fine.

Agree @WolfGrrrl...if all it takes to buy less violence and fewer attacks on officers is some crappy pizza, then by all means. Looking for novel approaches that keep inmates and officers safe and violence, injuries and deaths down is a-ok with this lady.

And I might add that most states that have private, for-profit prisons (most prisons, if I recall correctly) are charging taxpayers more $$ per prisoner for worse outcomes (recidivism, violence between inmates [increasing risk to correctional officers], violence directed at correctional officers, rapes, murders...). That's a bad deal. What's worse is, even after paying more money per prisoner, they're getting double dipped by contracts stipulating capacity %'s! How does that benefit the taxpayer?? And why does the US have 5% of the population worldwide, yet houses 25% of the prison population of the entire world?! My husband is LE and I like to see states try new things like this, because I want him to be safe! And as a tax paying property owner, I'd really like to get a better value for my tax dollars...I don't mean about the pizza, I mean about the private for-profit prisons!