Restaurant Posts That They Support First Responders And Trump, Forced To Shut Down

Cup It Up American Grill permanently closed after receiving threats over a Facebook post stating that they support first responders and President Trump, but not kneelers or antifa.

Tuscon, Arizona – An Arizona restaurant was forced to close after threats it received after posting on its Facebook page that it supported President Donald Trump as well as first responders.

The Cup It Up American Grill owners Christopher Smith and Jay Warren took down the post about three hours after it went up and deleted all their social media accounts due to the backlash.

The store was closed Oct. 9. A sign on the store window read, “The safety of our employees, and our families is of great concern and is our #1 priority at this time.”

The post went viral and the restaurant’s employees chose to quit after receiving numerous angry phone calls, Tuscon.com reported.

Julian Alarcon, a former partner who was not involved in Friday's Facebook post, told Tuscon.com the restaurant was the target of harassing and threatening phone calls following the post.

"It’s not worth it," said Alarcon, who Tuscon.com described as an operating partner and chef. The post on social media started with, “We believe in and support 100% in the following:”

Among the 10 things listed included “First Responders,” “The United States Armed Forces,” and “Always Standing for the National Anthem.”

Among the things the post said the company didn’t support included “Kneeling for the National Anthem” and “ANTIFA.”

The post ended with, “If you like this post, please share it with 5 friends and we look forward to your next visit!

If you disagree with this post, please share it with 100 friends and we won’t be expecting you any time soon! God Bless The United States of America!”

The Pima County Republican Party came out in support of the restaurant and one of its members called for a rally to support the owners.

The rally was cancelled when it was learned the restaurant was closing permanently.

I thought law enforcement can trace the calls. So why has this not been done to arrest the persons threatening this business? It is a violent threat and against the law. I would press charges against anyone threatening me. Coffee shop wrong, do things to protect yourself. Put up cameras around the store to record, theft, harrassment, etc. Fight back legally.

What happened to this restaurant is an example of real fascism. Where’s antifa 😂😂

I'm sure neither of their U.S. SENATORS @SenJohnMcCain @jeffflake tried to intervene. SAD.

"The rally was cancelled when it was learned the restaurant was closing permanently" but the sign on their door says "indefinitely" -- there's a big difference between indefinitely and permanently.

antifa supports your right to free speech, as long as it agrees with theirs.