Prisoner Can't Be Executed On His Back Because Of Health Condition

A death row prisoner complained he was too sick to be executed because he can't lie on his back.

Columbus, OH - A prison doctor examined an inmate who is scheduled to be executed this month, and found that allowing him to sit up to be executed is a "reasonable accommodation."

Alva Campbell, age 69, has multiple health issues that make it difficult for him to lie flat on his back, according to Fox News.

His attorneys filed a request with the Ohio Parole board on Oct. 12, asking that “mercy” be shown for the elderly prisoner who murdered an 18-year-old boy during a carjacking in 1997, according to

They made the same request of Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Prosecutors said that Campbell's health claims are ironic given that he faked paralysis to escape on the day he murdered Charles Dials.

Prison officials said that they had tested Campbell on Oct. 19, and that he became mildly agitated when they tried to lower him to a normal execution position.

“Given the events observed at this examination and the patient's underlying pulmonary and mental health disorders, it would be reasonable to make an accommodation for the patient during the execution process that would permit him to lay in a semi-recumbent position,” said Dr. James McWeeney, a contractor for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

Ron O'Brien, Franklin County Prosecutor, called Campbell "the poster child for the death penalty,” according to the Daily Mail.

In 1992, Campbell was paroled, after serving 20 years for killing a man in a Cleveland bar.

He faked paralysis, and was in a wheelchair being transported to a court hearing on several armed robbery charges, when he overpowered a Franklin County deputy.

Campbell stole the deputy's gun, carjacked Dials, and drove him around for hours, before he shot the teenager twice in the head, as he cowered in the footwell of his own vehicle.

In preparation for his execution, a prison nurse examined Campbell's arms and said that he doesn't have veins suitable for an IV on either arm.

Campbell, a two-pack-a-day smoker for decades before he stopped smoking nine years ago, has severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

His attorneys claim that Campbell may have lung cancer, and said that he uses a walker, uses an external colostomy bag, and requires four breathing treatments a day. They also claim that he was beaten, tortured, and sexually abused as a child.

Despite his attorney's pleas, the Ohio Parole Board rejected Campbell's plea for mercy last month, and the prisoner is scheduled to be executed on Nov. 15.

Corrections officials said it "has taken Campbell's medical conditions under consideration for planning of possible accommodations for his execution," meaning that they don't consider his health a legitimate reason not to execute him.

Gov. Kasich hasn’t responded to Campbell's request yet. In the past, he has granted clemency to some prisoners while denying others.

I wonder if he considered the comfort of the young man he so viciously murdered? He is a career criminal and I don't care how uncomfortable he may be while being executed. The sooner the better.

Lets hang the bastard. Won't even have to sit. I have studied up on the art of properly hanging a prisoner. It was an art back when in use. Read up on the hangman for judge Parker, the hanging judge.

They shouldn’t give him his breathing treatments allowing him to slowly suffocate as his throat closes up and restricts his ability to breath so he can feel the fear and agony I’m sure his victim felt as he lay in the footwell of his car the night he was murdered. He is being executed, who cares if he is comfortable while he is dying? I think prisoners that are sentenced to the death penalty should be made to suffer as their victims did rather than made to be comfortable as justice is rendered. Hopefully the state of Ohio is using the same mix of the medications midazolam (used to render the inmate unconscious), rocuronium or pancuronium bromide (a paralytic used to stop the prisoner from breathing) and potassium chloride (used to induce a heart attack and stop the heart) that have been used in recent executions that have been noteworthy for one reason or another. Preferably they are being prepared in a compounding pharmacy rather than a traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing plant so there are potential issues with the strength and quality leading to greater suffering. Sometimes the midazolam doesn’t completely render the inmate unconscious so when the paralytic, or paralyzing agent, is administered it results in the inmate being awake and/or semi-conscious when his ability to breath ceases and the inmate is unable to move because he is paralyzed and then the potassium chloride is administered which is very caustic and burns as it travels through the veins causing pain and more suffering as the sentence is imposed. Although the constitution says prisoners shouldn’t suffer any cruel and unusual punishment as their sentence is imposed, I don’t see this as cruel and unusual rather it is allowing the inmate to feel what their victims felt as they were executing them.

Oh paaaleassee don't complicate this! Two rounds to his head. The End.

Don't care how they execute him..just do it

I am with Maddog hang the SOB. He want be lying down. They also should make it public. That deterred idiots like that back in the old days. Hang his butt

Why peripheral veins being such an issue. Use the external jugular. Mainline right to the heart and you don't worry about collapse during encannulation. As far as the nurse saying his veins are many IV's does she start in a week. I'm sure you could find a Paramedic that has had to pick up the victims of violent death that would start the IV.


does he sleep sitting or standing?

He killed a man, got paroled in 1992 and 5 years later he kills an 18-yr Old!! It has been 20 years since!!!!! The system needs to change!!!!! The Bible says, Thou shall not murder or take another one's life!! He took 2! God has his number!

Versed is commonly used during colonoscopies. Midazolam.. given for comfort . Slit the bastards throat.