Police Tell Bump Stock Owners To Surrender Their Devices This Week

Owners of bump stocks in Massachusetts have until Thursday to turn them in or face charges.

Boston, MA – A Massachusetts law that bans bump stocks goes into effect this week.

“Bump stocks” became part of the gun debate after it was discovered that Stephen Paddock had bump stocks on the weapons he used when he shot and killed 58 people and injured 851 others.

Massachusetts was the first state to ban bump stocks and trigger cranks, according to WCVB-TV. The Massachusetts State Police said the sale or transfer of ownership of bump stocks was outlawed when the law went into effect in November of 2017, leaving legal owners with no way to recoup the cost of the items.

Now, owners of bump stock have until Feb. 1 to surrender the accessory to police, WCVB reported.

Bump stocks attach to semi-automatic rifles and increase the rate of fire of the weapon by using the recoil force of the weapon to repeatedly initiate a trigger press on the shooter's finger.

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre in October of 2017, the National Rifle Association (NRA) released a statement that it believed bump stocks should be subjected to additional regulations.

The NRA also said the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) should review bump stocks to see if they comply with the federal law. However, the NRA has come out against federal legislation that would have banned bump stocks, according to The Hill.

The state of Washington is close to enacting its own ban on bump stocks. The Seattle Times reported that the Washington state Senate passed a ban on bump stocks Jan. 26. That measure was passed by a 29-20 vote.

The bill will go to the state House for consideration. The law would make it illegal for anyone in Washington to make or sell bump stocks starting on July 1, according to The Seattle Times.

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Your posts show that, despite what you try and project, 1) you’re anti gun, 2) you’re not too bright, 3) you don’t know much about guns

@ProCop you're just mincing words.

With a bump stock, can you or can you not keep your finger on the trigger and shoot until your mag is empty?

@Pack wrong on all 3 fronts, but let's dig deeper. Why exactly do you think I'm anti-gun?

I hate to break it to you BUT your finger remains stationary and it is the trigger that repeatedly hits your finger PROVIDED you can keep sufficient pressure on the foregrip to keep the recoil action moving but with out pushing too hard. It is extremely inefficient in practice, you lose major accuracy and you lose the ability to control your fire. It was invented to give people the thrill of simulating an automatic weapon without having had to serve or pay tens of thousands of dollars to get the permits to own one...

@Lorkar You are just nit picking now.. The only practical use for a bump stock is what the LV shooter used it for. You do not need accuracy to fire in to a large group of people. They should not be allowed. I am not ant-gun. i own quite a few guns, but bump stocks are just a loophole to allow a semi-automatic weapon, fire like a fully automatic weapon.

I am not nitpicking anything. I am merely stating the accessories original intended purpose was. Not how it was used by someone who was completely nuts...
AND if you reread my post VERY carefully you will see where I state that the accessory was inefficient and was used as a thrill device...
And you are not anti-gun, you just want to control what guns people can own...
How about addressing the elephant in the room and that is the complete and utter failure of our societies ability to recognize and treat mental illness. Because guess what, without the sick mind and body to engage in that horrific act the weapon itself can do NOTHING...

@Lorkar I understand how it works, but how does your response change the fact that it turns a semi into fully auto?

I encourage everyone to break this law. The government is committing theft.

It makes a semi auto weapon simulate a fully auto weapon. Anyone who has shot a fully auto weapon knows full well they are NOT accurate in full auto, just like a bump stock is not accurate. But I guess it was accurate enough to kill a bunch of people. They should be banned. It is simply a loophole to get around the laws controlling automatic weapons.

I have a fully automatic M15 back the seventies..let me tell you something..it had a 50 clip..I could shoot a hole in a tree..accurate..hell yeah..I didn't move the gun not one..made a two inch circular hole..best fun I ever had shooting a rifle...loved every minute of it..but me..for sport not to kill somebody.