Police Sergeant Facing Criticism For Online Gaming, Social Media Accounts

Sergeant Leanne Carr started making money livestreaming while on sick leave.

Nettleham, Lincolnshire UK – A police sergeant in England is getting international attention after she began posting videos of herself while she played video games in revealing outfits.

Lincolnshire Police Sergeant Leanne Carr developed her side-gig while on sick leave following an department internal investigation, The Sun reported.

“The officer in question was absent from work due to illness for a period of seven months whilst an internal misconduct investigation was carried out,” Lincolnshire Detective Superintendent Suzanne Davies told The Sun.

"These matters have now been concluded and were dealt with by way of a misconduct meeting, details of which are not made public because they deal with less serious internal matters,” Det. Davies added.

She has since returned to full-time duties with her department.

While on leave, Sgt. Carr developed an online persona as the “Pineapple Queen,” and has livestreamed her gaming on Twitch while clad in revealing outfits.

Her Twitter and Instagram pages showcase a wide array of bikini shots, many of which were taken in exotic locales including Cape Town, Cyprus, and Thailand.

Det. Davies said the department is aware of the sergeant’s social media accounts.

“When any officer is absent from work due to illness regular contact is maintained with them and they are entitled to do as they wish during that time, including going on holiday, as long as it does not prohibit their return to work as soon as possible,” Det. Davies told The Sun. "I am satisfied that this officer returned to work as soon as she was able to.”

Sgt. Carr has faced sharp criticism from the media and some of her colleagues, however.

"This is a senior officer – a sergeant earning around £45,000-a-year – and in my opinion some of the photos are not befitting of someone in that role,” a police source said, according to The Sun. "Lincolnshire Police know about this but are allowing it to happen despite having a strict policy on what an officer can share on social media."

Blue Lives Matter Editor-in-Chief Christopher Berg says that it's common for female officers to face hostility for online photos.

"Having done a few stories about cops getting attention from their Instagram profiles, the clear trend is that shirtless male cops attract much more positive attention, and females cops in bikinis generate disparaging remarks," he said.

Sgt. Carr isn't alone in the law enforcement livestreaming space.

A SWAT officer actually quit his police job after his success at livestreaming games.

"I saw streaming as a way to show people that police officers are just like everyone else. To relate to people. That cops also love things like video games." Donut Operator told Blue Lives Matter. "Because of my stream, I've had hundreds of people contact me about how they once didn't like police but now they understand we're just normal people put into sometime impossible situations."

Sergeant Carr did not respond to to requests for comment.

And our military is the best on the face of the earth because of its technology, not because of the people. Many wouldn't even be able to pass a background investigation to become a police officer. Like Highest_Retard.


You would have a point if the technology operated itself, but it doesn't. Highly trained individuals, civilian and military, operate that equipment.

And I'm sure I'd pass a police background check. I got security checked multiple times in the military, and am still a regular Top Secret clearance reference for friends and former coworkers. Good try though.

@John-Brown. Those that served probably could be on a police force. However you are correct that H_C Dumbshit would never pass muster. As for his supposed Top Secret clearance, Bawhahaha. That's really too funny.


Retard, you would fail a background in 99% of departments. They don't hire current potheads. Even if you had a legal reason because of physical or mental reasons, you wouldn't be hire because of those. As for your security clearance, I have 2 words. Bradley Manning.


Ok @b1rd, I'll give you that.

Actually, no. Id argue that there isn’t a war on police, to the same degree that there isn’t a police state.

The numbers of ambushes on officers have gone up though. But whether that’s is due to ideological desperation or faulty mechanics of the human in question is up to you to decide.

But no, there isn’t enough police misconduct to Justify an attack on law enforcement.

Actually, this is deeply wrong. The US police force is actually on par, and in some ways superior than those police forces in Europe. Much of the training you see is shared between countries and it has become highly standardized for law enforcement internationally.

Most will talk about training time, but many neglect on the job training here in the states. Overall, American law enforcement is pretty top tier. For evidence of this, look abt the statistics of waning crime as they associate with proactive policing.

Also, that person is somewhat correct, in that because you really don’t I understand American police policy and training, you don’t really have a point when comparing them to other countries. What isn’t it you’re comparing them to? Isn’t it policy? Training? Quality of individual Officer? Just because you were in the military, Doesn’t necessaryily mean you are correct on your assumptions.

This "pretty"blonde sergeant isn't really that smart is she. Shes supposed to be on sickleave,not getting her online hustle on. Electronic footprints exist.But then again she is blonde, wonder if she was hired on her back or on her knees? I'm sure she had some credentials... good only knows what those are.

You make me laugh...I have been in Law Enforcement since 2003. Both on the corrections side and now the police side. I dont have to prove myself to you or anyone else. Its all good...

You mean they wouldn't hire me for smoking pot if this was 1998. Feel free to check for yourself, plenty of departments hire people that have smoked weed.

And how does Bradley Manning have anything to do with anyone else's clearance? Wouldn't that be like saying "this cop did something crooked, therefore all cops are crooked"?

Let anyone say that and you clutch your pearls, Spineless.

Are tou talking to me? If so, thank you! My friends also find me pretty funny.

And no, you have nothing to prove to me, son. You have your resume in your username, and I'm sure you do the best job you can.

You obviously didnt get my sarcasm...but whatever...my user name is what I do for a living...If you know anything about Law Enforcement being a K9 handler is a very coveted job...so I am proud of my position and I have worked my ass off to get this job...so that gives me the right to use the title. While you probably hide behind your computer I am out looking for bombs everyday..


Well that’s a disgusting thing to say Marxest. Also, the department even noted that officers are allowed to do whatever they wish on sickleave, and leave for investigation. Just so long as they’re able to return to duty when needed.

Actually, i own a business, and i also worked hard to get where i am.

And good luck with your tale about looking for bombs every day. I suppose we can be anything we want behind the keyboard, right?

H_C Dumbass you are proof of that LOL

Body cams are expensive and cities like PD's to spend less wherever possible. Ours were mid-range and choc-full-o-problems. My body cam was sent back for repair 3 times, then it never came back, then I had to borrow whatever was working and hope that it actually was working (it wasn't easy to really check, took ten or fifteen minutes),that it continued to work and that the guy it belonged to didn't come in for whatever reason and need it. If we were a private company, we would have put ourselves out of business. Patrol was good, bosses were not business men.