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Police Release The Number Of Bump Stocks Turned In Before Ban

Very few Massachusetts citizens turned in their bump stocks and trigger cranks, despite a Feb. 1 deadline, police said.

​Boston, MA – Despite a new bump stock prohibition law, police in Massachusetts said that very few citizens have complied with directives to turn in their now-illegal accessories.

The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security sent letters to all licensed gun owners within the state of Massachusetts in December of 2017 to notify them that bump stock and trigger crank accessories would need to be surrendered to law enforcement agencies by Feb. 1.

The law specifically banned the sale or transfer of the accessories.

“To my knowledge, this is the only one that’s been turned in to date,” Essex Police Chief Peter Silva told WBZ, as he pointed out a single bump stock.

According to WBZ, the Massachusetts State Police said they received a total of one trigger crank and three bump stocks.

Massachusetts was the first state to ban bump stocks and trigger cranks, according to WCVB.

The Massachusetts State Police said the sale or transfer of ownership of bump stocks was outlawed immediately in November of 2017, leaving legal owners with no way to recoup the cost of the items.

Chief Silva said that, according to the citizen who surrendered his bump stock to the department, the loss of investment may be a major deterrent for many accessory owners.

“He was a little frustrated because of the fact that he’d paid a little over $250 on this piece here, and there was no redeeming value for him on the other side to recover that money,” Chief Silva explained.

The accessories do not have serial numbers, and are not registered or monitored by government officials.

Bump stocks have become controversial ever since investigators learned that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock used the device during a mass shooting that killed 58 concertgoers and injured 851 others.

Contrary to many media outlets’ reporting, bump stocks do not “turn a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic weapon,” but they do use inertia to increase the weapon’s firing rate.

Citizens convicted of being in possession of the newly-illegal accessories face penalties up to 20 years in prison, the Telegram & Gazette reported.

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