Police departments need to make up Philadelphia list. Businesses that are hostile to law enforcement should be red flagged for extensive questioning before emergency response is activated. Callers at these places need to be informed that an armed officer is being dispatched, and if he sees a need he may use deadly force. No officer should be dispatched until the caller acknowledges that they fully understand that.
Of course this report is from Californistan, and the branch of law enforcement appears to be federal immigration enforcement. Since immigration law is not recognized by most of the state of California, you can bet the police don't care how these guys are treated.

If you refuse to allow police to get gas get food get their job done you should be collared and fined.
And ban from having a buisness in the jurisdiction
But the shit bag libs in philly will never do that.


Anyone who shuts off the pumps while a police vehicle is fueling and someone dies due to a lack of timely response should be prosecuted as an accessory to murder.


You couldn't tag them directly as an accessory unless they knew or "SHOULD" know that they are impeding response. That's where you can snag them up.


there is a serious problem with this site. If I scroll a little to far , or reverse my scroll the screen goes blank. I smell a rat. some malicious sabotage I think. I have to refresh all the time

Any private business has the right to refuse service to anyone.

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