Pittsburgh Teacher Dragged From Car, Seriously Beaten By Student's Parents, For Disciplining Student

A Pittsburgh teacher was followed and assaulted by the parents of a student, after taking a cell phone away from her in class on Wednesday.

Pittsburgh, PA - A Pittsburgh Public School teacher was seriously injured Wednesday afternoon after being followed and then assaulted by the parents of one of her students.

The violent incident started as the teacher, age 46, was leaving her school, Martin Luther King Accelerated Learning Academy PreK-8.

The teacher was on her way home when the attack occurred, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Earlier on Wednesday, the teacher, whose name was not released, took a cell phone from a student in her class.

The student was using the cell phone in class, which is not allowed.

The student, who was not identified, told her parents, according to 'sources', and the student's mother told the teacher that they were going to "get even."

The student's parents were waiting on the teacher when she left the school.

The parents, who were not identified, followed the teacher in a black SUV. When she got near the West End Bridge, near the intersection of Route 65, the couple got out of the SUV and approached her.

The teacher rolled down her window, according to TribLive, as the woman threw a brick at her. Both of the parents then pulled the teacher from her vehicle and began to beat her.

The teacher was taken by ambulance to Allegheny General Hospital, where she is being treated for "facial injuries and lost teeth." She is listed in stable condition.

It's not known if the parents have been taken into custody.

No further details have been released.

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I really hope the parents go to jail for a long time. I agree this story has nothing to do with color. It's a teacher doing her job and two crazy idiot thugs being out of control. These schools need to be sending letters and having the parents sign them that no cell phones are allowed in class, any student seen with one will have it taken away until the end of the day and 2nd time could be in school suspension, etc.

This is just wrong! I agree with above comments! Just let teachers do their job and hold parents accountable for proper raising of their kids. Teachers have enough to do and shouldn't have to discipline the children in their classrooms!!

Our schools have very strict policies on cellphones. If it’s taken up the child has to wait till the next day or till they come in with their parent and pay 15.00 to get it back. If it’s taken a 2nd time same thing only 30.00 to get back. 3rd time, it’s kept for the remainder of the school year or the parent can come pick it up for a 50.00 fine and student has ISS for 4 days. This is all within a year, not a semester. I really, really hope the teacher presses charges and sues the hell out of them. It was pre-meditated, she was stalked/followed, assaulted and if she had teeth knocked out they were really trying to cause serious injury and she’s probably going to need reconstructive surgery. Put the little shit in juvi, expell her. And by God, pass a law, like some places here where I am, that allows teachers to arm themselves. She should’ve had a gun hidden in her car at least. With the violent kids and also parents, these days, I don’t care if it’s a “gun free zone”, I am an adult, licensed to carry, open carry, but if I were a teacher I would definitely have one hidden and strapped on me. I’m all about saving my life and I’d want to be able to save others if it came down to it.

Having had a daughter who's phone was taken away(she was a senior in high school), and having teachers who are family and friends, these par3nts are way out of line with what they did. They should be arrested charged with first degree assault, with intent to kill. My other question is why does a 4th grader need a cell phone?

a) Today's parents need to remember that the school is responsible for the child while he or she is in school. The child does not NEED the phone while taking part in SCHOOL. School is not social/outside contact time it is for learning. All emergency contact should take place through the front office. b) An active cell phone during school session is a distraction. Children should not have their phone on during school time, period, unless the teacher is pro-active about using phones fro certain education-related sites, such as Quizlet. c) Today's parents should remember that having a cell phone is a privilege. d) Today's parents should understand that they and their children have a responsibilty to

(!) unfinished - hit wrong key) - a responsibility to be upright citizens, morally responsible for their own lawful place in society and responsible for the safe-keeping of others. Since when did attacking someone over an issue like this become morally correct? What are they defending their child against? Learning how to behave correctly while at school? The parents are the real uneducated people in this scenario. How did we ever get to this generation?

This is why our prisons are filled with young inmates...they are raised to use violence for problem solving and do not learn to respect themselves or anyone else.

In some schools in ks. we have to leave our phones in lockers or baskets in the rooms. some other schools let you have them with you but you are not to use them unless it is for 911 only. I feel The Parents should go to jail and the kid needs to go to juv. the whole thing is disturbing and uncalled for.

These two would have been carried away with the first threat to my life. It's a shame teachers cannot protect themselves.

It's also a shame that teachers should have to protect themselves. Has America adopted the 3rd world mentality?