Parkland Teacher Calls Survivor 'Hitler' After Student Goes To Gun Range

Parkland teacher Gregory Pittman called the Jewish student "Hitler."

Parkland, FL – A teacher at the Florida School where 17 students were gunned down is being investigated for alleged comments made comparing a Jewish pro-Second Amendment student to Hitler and saying he was “dangerous.”

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School history teacher Gregory Pittman, who is an outspoken gun control advocate, made the comments after student Kyle Kashuv was in photos posted on social media at a gun range with his father, according to Fox News.

WTVJ-TV reported that Pittman said that Kashuv was “acting like the next Hitler.”

“School leaders take all matters involving students and staff seriously,” Broward County Public Schools spokeswoman Nadine Drew told Fox News. “They are aware of the allegations and are looking into the matter.”

“We cannot discuss the details of the case, but we do believe he will be cleared of all allegations of any wrongdoing,” the teachers union president said, according to Sun-Sentinel.

Kashuv is a junior and posted the photo and video on Friday of the first time shooting a gun with his father, who was with the Israel Defense Forces, according to Fox News.

Kashuv told Fox News that the post led to an interrogation from a school official and a report from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office found the posts to be “non-threatening.”

“After a mass shooting at a school, you don’t have to be the sharpest tack in the box to understand when another student posts a photo of an assault weapon why school security personnel and police might ask questions,” tweeted Pittman, according to The Sun-Sentinel.

Pittman and Kashuv had a Twitter exchange where Pittman said it was “bad” for Kashuv to hold a gun and that the student was doing it just to get attention.

Days later, the teacher began disparaging Kashuv in class when Kashuv was not present. A student witnessed the teacher’s angry rant and reported that the teacher said Kashuv was “dangerous.”

Kashuv responded to the alleged comments from Pittman on Twitter.

“I find it utterly vile that he’d call a Jew the next Hitler,” Kashuv wrote on Twitter, according to Fox News. Kashuv’s family came from Israel in the 1990s. “It’s also quite telling that he doesn’t know that Hitler took the people’s weaponry and I want more law-abiding citizens to have firearms."

The teacher didn’t respond to requests from comment from Fox News.

Yep, calling a jewish kid a Nazi should be an instant ticket to the unemployment line. The ADL should be all over this.


David Hogg is the Nazi of Parkland


Good grief! Another so called teacher who has no idea what the Nazi regime was about. And he teaches history? No wonder our kids are so screwed up.


This pos teacher is anti-gun. Hitler disarmed the people, not wanting them to own guns. This teacher is very Hitleresque.


I'm sure the teachers union will keep this piece of work on the job. " the teacher began disparaging Kashuv in class when Kashuv was not present" Small petty man.


Idiots being hired to teach "indoctrinate" students of today. Should be terminated but probably works for a liberal school district so this crap is ok.


They would have a real problem with my 15 yr old grandson. He has been pulling the trigger since he was 2 yrs old. Started shooting uspsa at 7 yrs old. Certified range officer at 13 yrs of age. Yep that's right, he understands safety issues with guns better then these antigun loons


And charges needed too. Bully teacher!! Take his bully pulpit away. Does this kind of teacher hold responsibility for leading AND CREATING unknown reactions?


“We cannot discuss the details of the case, but we do believe he will be cleared of all allegations of any wrongdoing,” the teachers union president said,

But they won't. This involves a "white" person calling another "white" person a derogatory name or inference. It also involves firearms and a student who believes in our 2nd Amendment. What we should all be scared of is that this idiot is educating our children. I, when my daughter was young, had to have a poignant conversation with one of her teachers about keeping their beliefs to themselves and to stop trying to sway the opinion of my young child. That's my job as a parent. They are only there to teach a-b-c's and 1-2-3's.


Fire and revoke His teaching degree.

It is too bad one of the students wasn't recording his rant. Easy for him to deny or explain away without evidence. Sounds like he has already achieved that objective by the sounds of the school board.


I would be in jail myself too as I would not put up with this sh!t.


Get that turd the hell away from ANY school

You are so right. The dumbasses that support him don't realize that he is following the Hitler handbook to a T. More young people should have to read Mein Kampf. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


I'll bet this guy was bullied in school and never got over it. Now that he's in a position of authority, he can play catch up.

This "teacher"should be fired and arrested for a slanderous hate vrime. Freaking Snowflakes make me sick!


When the students see bulling by a teachers in the classroom, I now understand why they felt justified Bullying Cruz.


Now I can see why the students felt justified in Ostracizing Cruz. It was demonstrated that it is perfectly OK to Bully and Ostracize someone that you don't like, agree with, or that refuse to follow you blindly like sheep.


Obviously this teacher needs a history lesson on the Second Amendment and on the Third Reich!