Out Of Control Woman Assaults Multiple Police Officers In a Fit Of Unbridled Rage

ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, PA - According to FOX 29 News Police were dispatched to a residence on Lindbergh Avenue Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on December 21, 2017 in reference to a report of a fight in progress taking place in the front yard.

Upon arrival officers could hear screaming taking place inside the residence. Police say that after knocking several times and announcing their presence, nobody answered at which point they say they were forced to enter the residence.

Police advised there was a woman inside the residence who was identified as Daisha Hall who began screaming at the officers and failing to follow any of their commands. At one point Hall struck one of the police officers in the face and began physically resisting arrest. During the struggle a second officer was reported to have fallen and struck his head.

Police say Hall was arrested and transported to the police station where she was reported to have assaulted a third officer.

According to FOX 29 News Hall is being charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and other charges not mentioned in the story.

Both injured officers were reported to have been treated and released from Abington Jefferson Health Hospital.

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