I stopped reading at Southern Poverty Law Center. Those people don't research. They just try to put labels on things they don't like


Elliott was definitely alt-right.as a matter of fact, a whole lot of their recruits are recluse guys who have no luck with women. I read an article from an ex alt-right member talking about how they deliberately seek out lonely young men that have no luck with women. If I can find it again, I'll link it to you.


@Hi_estComnDenomn is that the best reference you can find. LOL. Thats funny. Please don't tell me you were the female game developer.

There isn’t any real definitive proof that Elliot Todgers was part of the “Alr-right.” To some degreee, you equating Elliot Rodgers to the Alt right is like people equating Micah Johnson to BLM. They’re both radicalized ideologies who committed violence in the name of fighting against perceived systemic injustices.

Doesn’t make them a part of the movements people claim them to be a part of.

@Heezels but BLM has never committee violence in the name of systemic injustice.

And the alt-right doesn't need Elliot Rodgers to equate them to murderers. The pudgy neckbeard virgin that ran over people in Charlottesville already sealed that up for the alt-right.and there was no doubt from anyone that he wasn't rolling with them.

Well, no they haven't... black supremacists have for sure done that. Micah Johnson was a black supremacist. that's my point.

The Alt-Right, whatever you want to think about them, and who they are... they're a lose knit movement of different ideologies. Similar to black lives matter, and to some extent the civil rights movement, who have their share of cop killers in the ranks (some may have been justified, others not at all).

Think about this... Black Lives Matter as a movement categorizes itself as an inclusive movement directed at garnering support for the premise that black lives do matter. Don't know many people that would disagree with that statement, cops included. So the movement paints itself as something open for everybody. If you ask any person who represents themselves as a mobilized part of the movement, they'll tell you that. If there is a person, any person, who wants to help fight injustice in the police force and prison system, then you're a friend of their movement. Is this always practiced? Fuck no. But it's generally speaking the PR for BLM. The point of this is to illustrate that BLM is itself highly inclusive of differing people, all united under a singular goal (one would hope). It's similar to the alt-right.

You're creating a distinction without a difference. Is Elliot Rodgers a weak willed scumbag? yeah. 100% yeah he is. Does that necessarily make him alt-right? Well, no. If anything, Elliot belonged to the larger part of the manosphere. So a lot of conspiracies about the nature of women, a lot of resentment for feelings of helplessness. He was more an involuntary celibate than he was a member for the alt-right. I've studied Elliot Rodgers a lot because of his pathological ideology and narcissism.

Anyway, the short term is this... If you want to draw a thread from elliot rodgers to the alt-right, then you better be prepared to draw the same line to Micah Johnson and BLM. Micah Johnson did in fact share BLM memes.

@Heezels wrong right off the bat. BLM and black supremacists don't mix.

That would be like comparing feminists and the alt-right.

I never said they did. That's my point. Your comparison of Elliot Rodgers as an Alt-righter is void. It doesn't work because his pathological ideology was geared toward the interpersonal relationships between men and women. He belongs in an internet sect called the "manosphere." and this sect has a whole number of different political proponents following it. The rabbit hole runs really deep on this one. But the point stands, Elliot Rodgers is most certainly not an alt-righter. At least to what we know about him now.

You should also keep in mind his father was a first AD in the film industry, which is a highly liberal field. Conservatives exist, but the idea that Elliot Rodgers' political philosophy having a conservative bent isn't really the first assumption I'd make. Keep in mind, studies show that people generally inherit their political ideologies from their parents/families. Democrat and republican tend to be generational ailments.

Also, you're wrong in your comparison. It's not Feminists and alt-right. Those are polar opposites. It's more like Alt-Right and republicans. The alt-right despise republicans for being soft in not fully appreciating the white nationalist ideology. In fact any civic nationalist is considered a traitor to the standard alt-righter. It used to be that civic nationalists found a home in the alt-right, but as soon as it became more apparent that various factions of conservatism and the alt-right weren't going to mesh, they began breaking apart. That's when the alt-right label almost exclusively became a term for white nationalists, some of them anarchists as well. I've been studying this movement very closely because I consider them to be a far reaching threat, mainly because of the volatile nature of their ideology and candor.

Still stuck on stupid I see...... so sad

Never commuted violence in the name of systemic injustice?
Baltimore riots, Charlotte riots
Perhaps calling for dead cops is another example of them not committing violence, though it sure does promotes it.

@Zevv evidence of BLM members calling for dead cops, please?

@Zevv you're going to go for 1 of 3 videos. First off, the one with the chant for 'dead cops' isn't BLM, and has been disproven since about 2014. You now have 2 other videos to choose from.

@Zevv the video about frying cops like bacon? That was BLM Twin Cities branch, and that leader who led the chant was publicly disavowed by BLM and they issued a public apology.

You now have 1 video left. I'll let you post it so I can shoot it down.

Evidence? They were disavowed, but come on, use your brain and think. They have easily proven to be anticop, and yet they don't address the main issue involving minority deaths. You need to wake up and realise they are no better than new black panthers or kkk

Zevv...Great description of BLM. Here are a few more actions of BLM that are astounding. They were founded on the principals of the Black Panther Movement. Some of the same tactics are used. Helping black people matter? What about the Flood victims in Baton Rouge, LA. The areas flooded were predom black and some neighborhoods were all black. Who was there saving people? The police, first responders, fire depts., Cajun Navy, but no Black Lives Matter. They were no where to be found when a real disaster happens. Did they even offer to help their fellow man in time of need. Even blacks were asking where they were. BLM did a great job using the media to voice their cause, but failed miserably on the delivery. So, to sum this up. BLM is a phony group with a non supportive agenda. No power, no backbone. Hi_estCommDenomm ... You should read about the civil rights movement in the 60s. Research Decons for Defense. The perils the black race faced in that era were devastating. BLM is a kindergarten class compared to the REAL BLACK MEN that tried and did make a difference. The Black family was intact, Black unemployment was at a all time high. Religion was at the forefront of all they did God was embedded in the children.. Church was the ground zero for the betterment of the Black race, not MSNBC. The problem in the black communities today are Drugs, broken Homes, violence, education, Black government leaders giving too many passes. Black government leaders who can't lead and stop this from the top. They impose no checks and balances. Bad cops can be detected before they become bad. And you sat police are not a skilled trade. OK, when is the last time you were in a tactical situ and you were being targeted? If you saw any combat in your life you will understand what kind of thinking and accurate decision plays. BLM... I think they are on the way to being just another failed radical black movement.

Sure, let's believe the LA Times and the Southern Poverty Law Center.....