Only MLB Kneeler Gets Refused Service For His Kneeling, Claims He's Victim Of 'Racial Profiling'

Baseball player Bruce Maxwell claims not being served by waiter over his protests is 'racial profiling'

The only Major League Baseball player to take a knee during the national anthem said a pro-Trump waiter would not serve him at a restaurant in his hometown of Harvest, Alabama. (Video below)

Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell told TMZ Sports about what happened to him after he kneeled in an anti-police protest.

Maxwell took a knee during the national anthem on Sept. 23.

Maxwell claimed he was “racially profiled” by being refused service. Although he didn’t say that the waiter wouldn’t serve him because of his race, but only mentioned his kneeling during the anthem.

“He denied us service at lunch. They had to get us another waiter to wait on our table,” Maxwell said.

“He was, ‘Oh. Yeah. You are that guy, huh?’” Maxwell said. “I was, ‘Excuse me?’ He said, ‘Yeah. You are the guy who took the knee. I voted for Trump. And I stand for everything he stands for.”

That's when Maxwell continued to suggest that he was being racially profiled.

“Unless you are subject to it, you won’t understand it,” Maxwell said. “I’m very respectful. I’m very educated. And it still happens to this day. That’s the reason why I’m kneeling. Stuff like that.”

The anti-police protests have not caught on in baseball.

Former MLB pitcher Ron Darling said the reason the protests in baseball were limited to just Maxwell was because the clubhouse is different in baseball than the NFL.

“Unless baseball’s clubhouses have changed since I played, and I know they haven’t, it’s a very conservative base,” Darling told the Mercury News.

In September, former MLB player David Winfield told TMZ that he thought the protests should continue.

"It's a new era -- new causes, new objections to the way things are ... it's a protest we should listen to," Winfield said. The Hall of Famer added, "Nothing changes overnight. Keep doing what you're doing."

You can see the video of Maxwell's racial profiling claims here:

I watched the video, He said I am very respectful, BS, You showed no respect for our country by kneeling during during the national anthem, So, that means he was lying about being educated, knowing how to understand what you read does not make you educated.

Good for the waiter!!

Even by Bruce Maxwell's statements it clearly isn't racial profiling. Why is it every time someone doesn't get there way they pull the racial card? You were refused service for your disrespect to our flag and our country!!!!!!!!!! You can look at it as the waiter was protesting your protest if that makes you feel better. Nothing with what you said had anything to do with race it had to showing you the same disrespect you have showed our country and flag.

I agree with all the above comments. He was not racially profiled, he just didn't get his way!! It's okay to not serve our men in blue or our veterans but because you are a bigshot baseball player and they refuse to serve you, you try to turn it into a racial thing!! Stand up and honor our flag and our anthem and this great country that allows you to do what you do and make the amount of money you make. If you don't like this country then don't let the door hit you in the behind while you're leaving!!!

And it’s RUDE that you have no respect for the country that you live in. They have the right to express their feelings too dont they. See they are working and protesting you and you are working protesting the country, that you live in and the ones who protect the land you so disrespect. So STOP bitching because someone showed their right to protest you showing your right....

Haha, this was right up the road from me, and although I doubt the waiter made the "Trump" comment, this guy is lucky he hasn't been refused service at every location around here, and the only reason he hasn't, is because people don't know who he is. I've read elsewhere that this guy refused him Alcohol because he didn't have his ID, and had no idea who he was. This guy is not famous around here, we are a football town/state... but I can assure you, if I see him, he will actually have something to post a video about.

He says he is educated, but he doesn't understand that race isn't a factor is not serving you because of something you did. That isn't racism, that's reacting to stupidity.


alot of baseball players come from poor countries & have known true oppression. thats why the kneeing against the american anthem hasnt caught on. btw, maxwell was just arrested for pointing a gun at some woman.