Officer Tells Her Son They Can't Afford Disneyland, Then A Stranger...

The uniformed officer was with her young son in Starbucks, when a stranger overheard their conversation.

Houston, TX – A Houston Police Department (HPD) sergeant helped to make a dream come true for a little boy on Sunday, when he happened upon the Mickey Mouse fan and his mother at a local Starbucks.

HPD Sergeant Bryan “BK” Klevens, who also operates Prison Break Tattoos, said that he entered the coffee shop and noticed a woman in full police uniform as she chatted with a young boy.

“Dressed in a little blue suit with pictures of Mickey Mouse and drinking his milk, he appeared to be about 5 years old,” Sgt. Klevens wrote on his business’s Facebook page.

The sergeant sat down nearby, and learned that the officer was a single mother, and that they were waiting for her son’s father to pick him up for church.

“As I drank my coffee, the conversation turned to going to Disneyland,” Sgt. Klevens wrote. “It was kind of one way as you can imagine... every sentence out of his mouth was about the NEED to go and he just HAD TO see Mickey. He had everyone around him at other tables cracking up, including me. You know how they never stop and talk on and on and on.”

The sergeant listened as the boy’s mother gently reminded him that she hadn’t quite been able to save enough money to go see Mickey just yet.

‘"Baby, you know we have talked about this, and this year momma won't be able to afford for us to go, but I'm gonna work like crazy so we can go next year,"’ the officer told her son, according to Sgt. Klevens’ post. “His little voice cracked as he said, ‘I know momma, but I really wanna go.’”

Without hesitation, the sergeant interjected, his own voice cracking, as he handed the officer $1,500 from his wallet.

“I said take a few days off from the extra job and enjoy a short vacation with your date,” he wrote, as the officer began to cry.

The little boy’s eyes lit up, Sgt. Klevens told Blue Lives Matter.

“He was pretty excited,” he said, laughing.

The 24-year HPD veteran said that the officer does not work for his department, and that they decided to keep her identity confidential to protect the privacy of both the officer and her son.

“The tears in her eyes told the entire story,” Sgt. Klevens wrote. “Give until it hurts.”

What a wonderful man. Lovely story. Sheralee from New Zealand

The reason this won’t make the mainstream media coverage is because it humanizes officers. We are normal people with hearts, sometimes much bigger than the general population and got into this job because we truly care about our fellow citizens and want to better our communities, but the media only wants to cover what they deem to be unjustified and unnecessary use of force incidents even though 99% are deemed to be appropriate and a necessary use of deadly force to protect themselves, other officers and/or the general public. Stories like this show officers have hearts and are willing to go above and beyond what the normal citizen would do in the exact same situation. Thank you Sgt for showing, at least your community, that we only want to better our community and will lend a helping hand when we see someone in need, however we can and are not the monsters and killers the media portrays us to be and the general public seems to believe we are.

those dirty rotten cops....EXTREME SARCASM FOR THOSE THAT DON'T RECOGNIZE IT. *Awesome story and way to go Sgt. Much love and respect from Las Vegas.

a good man with heart and soul

This is the story that needs to go viral. In this time of school shootings and so much hate, this Officer brings hope!