New Blue Lives Matter Site Launch!

We've launched our new website on The Maven. Let us know what you think about the changes!

EPIC NEWS! We’ve been working on this for a long time, and the moment is finally here! Blue Lives Matter’s new website has officially launched!

To help celebrate our new site, we will be giving out Blue Lives Matter Challenge Coins to random people who comment on articles on our new site.

What this means for you:

Fewer ads! The new website platform allows us to cover operating costs while displaying fewer ads on the website. We will continue to host stories on the FB Mobile App (IA) so people using the smartphone app may not see a difference on individual articles.

We’re hiring an editor. The new website platform actually cut our operating costs, which gives us money to hire an additional editor, because our lone editor can’t be on 24/7.

Fewer technical issues. Our old site had technical issues with some devices/browsers. No more!

User-generated content. Our users can post on our website. Have an interesting news story you want to share? Dank memes? Maybe a crowdfunding campaign? Just post it directly on our website. But before you do, please take a moment to review the community guidelines. If you see anybody who violates those guidelines, please help us out by flagging their post as inappropriate so our moderators can review it.

You may notice a different URL on our articles. While you can still access our site through our https://www.bluelivesmatter.blue domain, our new web platform is hosted on https://www.TheMaven.net/bluelivesmatter . The Maven is hosting a lot of other sites on their platform, so you’re going to see TheMaven.net a lot more in the future for different sites. We have been working closely with the company and we are 100% confident that The Maven platform is politically neutral, which is very important to us. This means that you may see other sites on the platform with anti-police views as well as pro-police views. If you stay on our Blue Lives Matter site, you won’t have to see the anti-police content, but if you choose to, you can easily jump over to other sites, see other perspectives, and even respectfully engage them in a discussion. Just be sure to check out the other sites’ community guidelines before posting with them.

Have any feedback about the site? Let us know on our actual site. After all, a big part of this website is going to be the community on the site.

Did you know that FB won’t show you all of our stories, even if you follow us? By going directly to our site, you can be involved in the Blue Lives Matter community and see what stories you are interested in, instead of letting FB decide what you’re going to see.

Thank you all for your patience while we worked on making this happen.

Glad to join...site looks great. Be safe y'all!

This is wonderful. Site looks amazing. Stay safe out there.

Looks good guys!

I used to get a daily e-mail with all the Blue Lives Matters headlines, but now I don't? Is that gone with your new website? I REALLY miss it! 😢

Loving the new site. It runs smoothly and looks great. Be safe on the Blue Line