Missouri Jury Can't Agree That Child Rapist And Murderer Needs Killing

The jury couldn't come to a unanimous agreement if the death penalty was appropriate for raping and murdering a child.

Springfield, MO – A Missouri jury left the fate of a child murderer in the hands of the judge last week, after they were unable to come to a unanimous decision regarding imposition of the death penalty.

The Nov. 6 deadlock created a rare situation for Circuit Judge Thomas Mountjoy, who now must decide whether to impose a life sentence or a death sentence for Craig Wood.

In November, Wood was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2014 killing of 10-year-old Hailey Owens.

Wood, a former school employee and football coach, pulled Owens into his vehicle in broad daylight as she was walking along a street, the Kansas City Star said.

Witnesses pursued Wood, but he was able to escape with the kidnapped girl.

Wood raped Owens, then shot her. Investigators later found the ten year old's body in a plastic tub in Wood’s basement, prosecutors said during his trial.

The jury foreman told the Springfield News-Leader that 10 jurors voted for death, and two jurors voted for life in Wood’s case.

In most states, defendants are automatically sentenced to life in prison when a jury can’t reach a unanimous sentencing decision, consistent with federal procedure.

Missouri and Indiana are the only two states where a judge can impose a death sentence after a jury deadlocks, the Springfield News-Leader said.

Robert Dunham, executive director of the nonprofit Death Penalty Information Center, said a U.S. Supreme Court decision from 2016 could be relevant if Wood is sentenced to death, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

Dunham noted that in Hurst vs. Florida, the Supreme Court ruled, "the Sixth Amendment requires a jury, not a judge, to find each fact necessary to impose a sentence of death."

The constitutionality of the process will "unquestionably" be challenged by Wood's attorneys under appeal in the event Judge Mountjoy sentences Wood to death, Dunham told the Springfield News-Leader.

Judge Mountjoy is scheduled rule on Wood’s sentence on Jan 11.

Death! Do not pass go. Do not collect 200$ ,Immediate Death! He's guilty huw much evidence do we need he's going to appeal the death penalty just to prolong his life it's bullshit. The girl cant appeal her sentence.


I lived in Springfield when this monster was running loose. The turmoil he caused, the absolute depravity that he inflicted on this family and more importantly, this young girl is beyond any definition in the English language. Taxpayers had to foot the bill in paying for the search for this monster and little Hailey, while the city was searching he was not concerned with her life. Taxpayers should not have to pay for this monster to sit in prison for life on their dime. Death is nothing less than this monster deserves.


The country keeps going easy on these scumbag POS’s it’s gonna turn into the old Wild West where we take justice into our own hands. If that was my daughter or granddaughter I would find a way to kill him myself. My one and only regret would be that I likely couldn’t do it slowly or with enough pain.


I was born and raised in Missouri and still have a lot of family in Springfield. I just don't understand how they all did not vote for the death sentence. The horrific things this monster did to this poor child, is still more than I can wrap my mind around. I just don't know why he wasn't euthanized immediately! He has put on at least 40 pounds while sitting in jail waiting for the trial, why should the taxpayers support him for the rest of his life? If it is beyond a reasonable doubt, he should have be put to death right after the trial, not after 20 years of appeals. I still say they need to look into disappearance of young girls in the area where he has lived, one just doesn't wake up one day and and think, I am going to kidnap, torture, rape and kill a child today....


I say bye bye and then God can deal with him. My thoughts and prayers for the girls family. I can't imagine the horror that little girl went through............. again.............bye bye