Men Gang-Rape Teen Girl, Livestream Attack On Social Media

Three men were arrested for raping a teen girl and posting the attack on social media.

Memphis, TN – Three men who gang-raped a 17-year-old girl and posted a video of the brutal attack to social media have been arrested, police said.

Martin Milan, 19, Antun Hester, 18, and Rayford Smith, 19, have all been charged with especially aggravated exploitation of a minor and aggravated rape, KTVI reported.

The alleged attack occurred on March 21, after the unnamed juvenile victim invited Milan to her home to have sex, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported.

Milan asked the girl if his “brother,” Hester, could come over to have sex with her as well, but she said she was not interested in having sex with Hester.

Investigators were later able to recover text messages between Milan and the victim, which corroborated her account of their conversation, Newsweek reported.

Later in the day, Milan showed up at the girl’s home, and had brought Hester and Smith along, according to KTVI.

The girl allowed them inside, but reiterated that she was only interested in Milan. She told the other two men to wait in a different room.

Just minutes later, Hester and Smith went into the girl’s room and raped her, while Smith streamed the attack on Facebook Live, Newsweek reported.

The teen said that she escaped from the men and hid in her grandmother’s bathroom after the rape, where she called police.

Smith initially denied having assaulted the girl, but admitted he had recorded the video, KHQ reported. He later told investigators that Hester had raped the teen first.

Police recovered the video of the attack from Smith’s phone.

Hester refused to speak with officers.

Milan’s bond was set at $100,000, while Hester and Smith were held on $50,000 each, Newsweek reported.

There are some incredibly tolerant prosecutors when it comes to young black men. DC is the same way. We had one guy murdered someone illegally with a firearm, got 5 years, out in 2. He ended up dead in a rival gang assassination. We had another guy participated in a gang kicking a young woman to death. He got 2 years, then time served, which was about 6 months. He, also, ended up dead in a gang rivalry. The culture of criminality and anti-snitch, drug abuse, absent fathers, etc....creates a toxic environment.


What a society we live in. These animals were so impressed with their ability to rape a girl that they decided to post it on social media. I'll be waiting for Al Sharpton to come to their rescue.


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I believe in God's wrath,I also believe in Karma& what goes around,comes around,may be not
as soon as we like,but it will happen. Parents
have to teach their
children better,not to be so trusting,like this
situation,whenshe saw 3 men show up,her instinct should've been to not open that door. Unfortunately she trusted a criminal & could've killed her. Parents have to keep teaching no matter if they're 5 yrs old or 18yrs old kids can be trusting. I have a daughter& when she was 12yrs old,we put her in Karate,not for show Karts,but street fighting Karate,best decision I made. She went on to become a black belt & also fought in Iraq.

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