Masked Man Kicks In Door Of Lone Female, Meets BAMF Female Deputy

The Wayne County Sheriff's Deputy was off-duty when she fatally shot an armed intruder.

Detroit, Michigan – An off-duty Wayne County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed an armed man wearing a ski mask that had broken into her home at 1:30 a.m. Nov. 25.

Police the said the deputy was inside her home when she heard the suspect kick In her door, according to the Detroit News.

The deputy told police she grabbed her weapon and fired shots at the male suspect who was carrying a pistol and wearing the mask.

The deputy shot the intruder in the heart and he dropped dead.

Police didn’t release the name of the deputy or the intruder, according to the Detroit News.

"Very quiet neighborhood," a neighbor told WXYZ. "If anything happens, somebody will know who did it, and somebody will tell."

Gino Vicci with WXYZ inexplicably referred to the home-invader as "the victim" in his news broadcast. UPDATE: He says that it was a mistake and apologized.

"Not much you can do," said Curran Pickett, who lives on that street, according to WDIV. “I would have probably did the same thing. She did what she had to do."

The deputy was 35-years-old and has been on the force for 15 years. The intruder was 26-years-old, according to WXYZ-ABC.

The Wayne County sheriff’s office said the deputy will be assigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of an investigation. The Detroit Police Department is conducting the investigation.

"You come into somebody's house, what'd you expect? And then, you're armed," Pickett said. "Stay out of people's houses."

Do you think that news stations should ever refer to justifiably dead criminals as "victims?" Do you think that this is intentional anti-police messaging? We'd like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.

Who cares what they call him, just make sure to put "Dead" in front of it, Justice has been served

she got him with one shot to the heart, that was some good marksmanship. i just hope it was a small caliber or there will be a big mess to clean up. as for calling the perp a victim lol

If the news reporter was using a cue sheet, cue cards or a teleprompter, the mistake may have been on the editor's part.

It's good that the reporter apologized - but unfortunately, it's a little too late. People get ideas in their heads from what they see on television.

I hate to think ordinary people will begin to consider criminals who are stopped by lethal means to be victims.

What kind of moron calls an armed intruder a victim? Choices: 1. The reporter has an extremely low IQ 2. The reporter is anti-police. 3. The reporter is anti-2nd amendment. 4. All of the above, because no one can be that stupid. On the other hand, good shooting deputy! I'm glad you took care of a threat--permanently and that you are safe! That is a happy ending!

I can hardly wait to see the obit for this perp. I'm sure they will say that he was preparing to go to college to work on his PhD and the old saw, "he had a smile that would light up a room" only in this case it was the flash from an unexpected gun that lit up his room.


Sucks to be him

Instead of commenting, go directly to this cretin reporter, we know their name now, and tell them what we think. Also tear into the station they work for.

If it was my house the same thing would have happened.

Yes! He was a victim. A victim of his own stupidity! If I owned that station, good ole Gino would be out on the streets.

Nice shot!