Maryland Officer: FedEx Driver Threw Bag Of Urine At Cop's Car

A police officer posted a picture on social media of a bag of urine that had been thrown at a police car in Maryland.

Montgomery County, MD – A police officer posted to social media that a FedEx delivery truck driver threw a bag full of urine at a parked Montgomery County police car on Saturday.

Montgomery County Police Officer Petr Speight posted a picture of the police car and the partial clear plastic bag of urine on his Facebook page just after 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Officer Speight reported that a coworker told him that a FedEx delivery truck pulled up in front of their house, the driver got out and went to the back, and took something out.

He said the driver threw the item at the police car parked in front of the Montgomery County police officer’s house.

“They go outside shortly after driver pulls off and sees that FedEx guy threw a bag of urine at the cruiser!!” Officer Speight posted on Feb. 10.

He said the officer attempted to contact FedEx, but the offices were already closed. They would be following up on Monday, he said.

UPDATE: FedEx has responded to the incident. A spokesperson for the company said, “We are appalled by this highly inappropriate behavior. We have conducted an investigation, spoken with the officers involved, and determined this act was not targeted toward law enforcement. This matter has been addressed appropriately with the involved contracted service provider.”

War in Police.
Time to release the dogs.

Was the FedEx driver one of Obama's sons or Eric Holder's "people"? I'm guessing he was.


Why didn't the officer go after him?

when i worked in the prisons, to be spit on or have any bodily fluid splashed on another was considered a felony as it is potentially dangerous. whoever did this is a full blown bonafide idiot! he/she needs bitch slapped HARD

Well if that's the way FedEx feels...they needn't worry about my business...


Couldn't agree more 👍


@BruthaV didn't you use that exact comment before, to no response?

FIRE HIM And jail him for along time

Jail his ass. That's beyond nasty and uncalled for.


Yes they do!! I am with you on this one. I know in the prisons it is a very serious offense with the chance of contracting diseases!

Why not obatain a DNA sample or bring in the Dogs?


Let's guess...the driver was????????


I bet that pissed him off. Tazer the bastard... He will piss his pants

I am pretty sure FedEx doesn't "feel" that way. I am sure they will do whatever needs to be done to get rid of this punk.


Don’t penalize FedEx itself. I currently work for FedEx while I’m going through testing for State Police... Its a great company overall, don’t let a handful of disgruntled asswipes in the multiple branches of FedEx deter you from using our service. ❤️


I too am a Retired Corrections Officer and the only difference from our job and the road dogs is we have to talk our way out of bad situations, made in confined spaces. This guy really needs to get the book thrown at him, literally, and fired on top of it. It's a hard enough job without idiots like him throwing anything at your vehicle let alone urine. He's really tough too, since he waited until you weren't in view to catch him. Glad your friend had your back....


You are right Fedex5-0. Practically everyone here is doing the same stereo typing that is done to the police and other law enforcement agency's. It guess it's just a way to vent our hostilities. But you are right. The guy is still a an ingrate!!!


The Ferguson Effect Continues. Based on a lie and supersized by the NFL.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQCQFH5wOJo

.. a white supremacist, of course. Probably mad because the cops got another one of their terrorist butts in Florida after shooting up another school.