Maryland Delegate Tells Mayor To Disband Baltimore Police Department

A Maryland House of Delegates member is calling for disbanding the entire police department.

​Baltimore, MD – A member of the Maryland House of Delegates sent a letter to the mayor and police commissioner of Baltimore asking them to “disband and reconstitute” the Baltimore Police Department (BPD).

State Delegate Bilal Ali sent a letter to Baltimore Mayor Sharon Pugh and Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl DeSousa citing the example of Camden, New Jersey, and recommending the dissolution of BPD, according to a tweet by Baltimore Sun reporter Scott Dance.

Ali’s request followed the conviction on Feb. 12 of two Baltimore police officers on racketeering charges, at the end of a years’ long investigation involving the members of BPD’s Gun Trace Task Force.

In his letter, Ali suggested copying Camden, New Jersey, which dissolved its police department in 2013, and started anew.

“It was a bold, nearly unprecedented decision, but it worked,” Ali said in the letter. “I write today to ask that Baltimore City’s leadership seriously evaluate Camden’s approach, and begin consideration on whether to disband and reconstitute BPD from the ground up.”

However, the mayor has no intention of giving up.

“I’m not disbanding the police department,” Pugh said at a press briefing on Wednesday morning.

“We’re trending downward. I think we’re headed in the right direction. We’ve appointed a new police commissioner, we have a 163-page report by the Department of Justice that requires us to reform the police department, and those are the things that we’ll continue to do,” she said.

Baltimore’s homicide rate reached 342 in 2017, the highest per capita that the city has ever seen, WJZ-TV reported.

Commissioner DeSousa announced several new appointments for his top command staff last Thursday in an interview with The Baltimore Sun.

He also announced the decentralization of the two units that investigate shootings and robberies across the city. The commissioner said he would be moving 80 detectives out of headquarters, and into the city’s nine district stations.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the location of the detective units have changed over the years, as the police commissioners were replaced. Former-Commissioner Kevin Davis moved all the detectives to their current location under one roof.

The new police commissioner was also considering bringing back plainclothes drug and gun enforcement units that the last commissioner had decommissioned.

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What @cspcapt is true. Whether you believe it or not doesn't really matter. I have worked in Baltimore with many BPD officers in multi-jurisdictional task forces. This scenario in not uncommon in Baltimore. If you want proof, just google "Baltimore residents want police back".

I wonder why Baltimore is such a shithole....what could it be?


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First we should disband the criminal gangs and crews that work the streets of Baltimore and start over...oh, wait...

Let’s unpack this. First, the idea that racists can’t stand to see black folk doing well, and attempt to over-police an area. I would absolutely concede that there may be individuals who hold racist views, but by and large, I don’t think there’s any scholarly source that would demonstrate the police are being pointed at law abiding citizens for the sole purpose of racism. Now let’s look at policing a certain area in general. Police are a finite resource, meaning they must be allocated according to some greater strategy. Well, if a neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of crime, it doesn’t make much sense to have a heavy police presence. The reality is, police are going to be assigned to patrol high-crime areas.


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