Man Tells 911 That Employee Has BB Gun, Cop Finds Out It's Real When He's Shot

A Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy was shot by a man with a 9mm pistol.

Sonoma, CA - A deputy was shot Sunday morning after responding to a call from a gas station manager about his employee being armed with a BB gun and acting erratically.

The deputy found out that the gun was a 9mm firearm after he was shot with it.

The incident happened just before 11 a.m. at the Jolly Washer gas station/car wash in the 19200 block of Hwy 12 in Sonoma, according to the sheriff's office.

The manager called 911 and said that a 19-year-old employee was acting strange and refused to go home when told. The manager also said that the suspect appeared to have a BB gun.

Two deputies, who are assigned as Sonoma PD officers, responded to the call and made contact with the manager, according to The Press Democrat.

The deputies then found the suspect "acting suspicious" behind a grey pickup in the car wash line. When the deputies went to make contact with him, he pulled out a 9mm pistol and shot one of the deputies.

One deputy returned fire, but missed as the suspect ducked behind the truck. The suspect's gun jammed, so he threw it to the ground and was taken into custody.

It was determined that the suspect's gun was loaded with snake shot, which is a type of round that shoots multiple projectiles.

The deputy who was shot was wounded in multiple parts of his body from the snake shot, and was airlifted to the hospital.

He is in good condition and expected to survive.

“He appears to be in good shape and should have a full recovery,” Sonoma Police Chief Bret Sackett told the media, according to The Press Democrat.

The suspect's charges have not been released at this time.

Wow. Misinformation can be deadly. I wish the injured officer a speedy recovery.


Good example as to why you should never assume a gun is not a gun. Speedy recovery.


I wonder whether better federal gun control law would have prevented this injury.


We know you "wonder" asshole. You post this same statement multiple times a week, fucking bugger troll.


Glad the officer will be making a full recovery!


Prayers for a speedy recovery going out to the Brother...


@John-Brown.It's dick heads infamous, pre-programmed response, to EVERY article involving a gun! A no brainer response for someone with no brains! 😉


Not every article / story . For example, I didn't think the apparent suicides of the lady police officer, or Detective Suiter, would have been prevented by better federal gun control. Also, as a hypothetical example, if there is ever a story about a policeman (aka a bobby) being shot in England, then I won't think that that would have been prevented by better gun control law.


Instant execution for anyone who shoots a cop. He only gave up after his gun jammed as if to 'eh officers don't hurt me now I've surrendered'.


@gfc1963: Even a cop that shoots a cop, like for example, a friendly fire situation? FOP ain't gonna like that!


"Instant execution for anyone who shoots a cop."
Any exception for when a cop's suicide attempt is unsuccessful? Fulfilling the cop's wish could make significant healthcare savings to society. And other people who are going to get out of bed need those resources. What about instant execution for any cop who shoots an innocent? Or violates the law?

So stretch things to their furthest to come woith an argument? Muppets like this should be shot on sight. Only gave up because his gun jammed. But I guess you wnat to hold hid hand and say 'there there'.


You and BurgersAllday must be related. See my reply to him. Same thing applies to you.