Man Stopped In Car Linked To A Homicide Rams Police Cars And Tries To Kill Multiple Officers Before Being Shot Dead

Philadelphia police say Dennis Plowden, 25, was fatally shot by a plainclothes officer Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on 16th Street and Nedro Avenue.

Plowden was observed driving a vehicle wanted in connection to a homicide and was pulled over by police at 16th Street and Nedro Avenue. A female was in the passenger seat of the vehicle Plowden was driving.

Plowden then rammed a police car, "contacting the officer," before he began ramming several other parked vehicles in an attempt to escape police. Plowden's reckless attempt to evade officers caused extensive damage to vehicles and was threatening the lives of the officers and the public on scene.

Police said Plowden then exited and attempted to run away from officers, ignoring all verbal commands to show his hands.

Plowden made a poor decision to abruptly move his hands to his waistband, making a "furtive" movement, contrary to multiple verbal commands issued by police. One officer was then forced to protect himself and fired one shot striking Plowden in the head, killing him.

In an exclusive interview with NBC 10, Plowden's wife was reported as saying, "Why did you shoot this man in his head?" asked his wife, Tania Bond. "He was unarmed. He was not dangerous."

According to NBC 10 multiple witnesses came forward and stated they heard police officers giving Plowden verbal commands before he was shot and killed.

Some news outlets irresponsibly highlighting irrelevant elements of this incident in order to misrepresent it with an inflammatory and false tone. Some media sources are reporting and suggesting that the police shot an "unarmed black father of two" in order to twist the actual facts and circumstances that led up to Plowden's death.

The actual facts reveal that Plowden made a series of conscious decisions including him intentionally ramming cars, striking an officer in order to evade his lawful arrest/detention. Plowden placed multiple lives in life-threatening danger including his life, his female passenger, the public, and all the officers on location.

The fact that Plowden did not have a gun does not negate the fact that he was using a deadly weapon (his vehicle) in an attempt to kill police officers by running them over. It also does not negate the fact that Plowden reached for his waistband after having been given specific verbal commands by police not to do that, as corroborated by witnesses who came forward in the area.

Plowden's wife's comments are just mind-shockingly absurd. She actually wants everyone to overlook all of the life-threatening risks he posed to the public and police officers on location when she said, "He was unarmed. He was not dangerous."

The fact that some media outlets are misrepresenting and altering the facts of the incident in their headlines in order to push the false narrative of "unarmed black man shot by police" isn't surprising, but it's still wrong and irresponsible.

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Oh yeah! Another nice guy who wouldn’t hurt anyone! He was wanted for questioning in a himicide. Then proceeded to ram police cars and endanger the public to escape. When forced to stop, ran from vehicle and police. Yeah! Sounds like an upright guy.


What do these folks want police officers to do? it's obsurd that just because of the color of this man's skin the media and the black community wants him to get a free pass to do as he pleases. Just because he's black and has two kids doesn't mean he does not have to abide by the same rules us white Devils have to. So sick of these hypocrites


He wasn't dangerous noooo??? he was wanted in connection with a homicide.Hello??? Using his car as a weapon trying to injure police and bystanders. He deserved what he got.


He won the Darwin Award! Congratulations.


So I have read further and he was not carry a gun ok but, you tried to kill officers fled from them smashed up cars along the way while your dumb ass wife was in the car. Now she of coarse says why did you have to go and shoot him in the head he was not dangerous he did not have a gun HUMMM 🤔 well dumbass wife because he fled after trying to run down police smashing up cars and then not listing to commands and then stupidly reaching in his pants well they don't know at the time he didn't have a gun so bad on his part so don't listen to commands reach in your pocket gonna get shot. Now she of coarse is looking for a big pay out cause she thinks he was so innocent. Well I hope they don't pay her or her family a dime cause it's quite clear he deserved to get shot. And they have enough witneneses hearing the Police giving out commands before they shot his dumbass. So wifey you married the wrong guy and you can pretend he was a sweet guy but it's pretty obvious what happened.


And the (I’m sure liberal) mayor says his “thoughts and prayers are with the dead perps family and friends. That would be the perp that tried to kill your cops Mr. Mayor. Unbeli


One more off the streets- all good.

The good news is that the new DA has decided to let Mr. Plowed off with a warning.....and not to prosecute.


Plowden. Stupid spell check.

The new POS Philadelphia DA will probably bring charges against the officer.