Man Arrested For Raping His Infant Daughter, Then Brutally Murdering Her

A 9-month-old girl was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning. Her father is in custody.

Nov 15, 2017

Clarksville, TN – A baby girl was raped and strangled at a Clarksville residence on Tuesday morning, police say.

Authorities have arrested the 9-month-old baby’s father, Christopher Paul Conway, 22, on charges of Homicide and Aggravated Rape of a Child, Clarksville Online reported.

Clarksville Police spokesman Jim Knoll said that at 7:19 am on Tuesday, officers responded to a 911 medical call. The caller reported that CPR was being performed on a child.

When emergency personnel arrived, the infant was immediately transported to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 8 am, the Leaf-Chronicle said.

Homicide detectives learned that the baby had been sexually assaulted. She died after a cord was wrapped around her neck, strangling her.

Conway confessed to the rape and murder of his daughter during an interview with investigators, and was arrested at approximately 4:20 am on Wednesday.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

According to Department of Children Services spokesman Rob Johnson, the victim’s twin sister was placed into foster care as a result of the girl’s murder, the Leaf-Chronicle reported.

Johnson said he does not believe the family has a history of prior contact with the Department of Children Services.

According to Conway’s Facebook page, he is a married Army combat medic and the father of twin girls.

He listed the U.S. Army as his employer on police records, the Leaf-Chronicle said.

Conway was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on charges of Homicide and Aggravated Rape of a Child.

His bond has been set at $100,000 for the count of rape.

Because Conway could face the death penalty for killing his daughter, the court denied bond on the count of homicide, the Leaf-Chronicle said.

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There are no words for this, but there is a baseball bat that could speak for me. So when is the execution?

That SOB deserves a botched lethal injection & die a slow painful death screaming his last breath! Anyone doing what he did to a 9 month old baby is the lowest of the low & deserves NO mercy.


He should be tied to a tree on the courthouse lawn and his penis should be cut off, and leave him tied to the tree until he bleeds to death!


I agree with all the above comments, BUT, it'll never happen. Some liberal judge will let him go. Just pray for the surviving twin, she may not be alive much longer.

He needs to be skinned alive. That poor baby. May she Rest In Peace.

I think this is a horrible world we live in when a father dies something like this to his own child. This piece of garbage needs to die a slow painful death.

We need the chair brought back for this type animal!! Roast in hell you you piece of $#!%!!! Prayers for this baby!!

Just remember your feelings when reading these articles about children being raped and abused then try to wrap your mind around the fact that there is a strong agenda being pushed to make pedophilia legal... this can not happen! We need to come together as a country and do whatever we can to protect the innocent children from perverts that think this is normal! I can't stomach the thought of what these children suffer!!!

skalwag, is the bat’s name “Lucille”?

Gen. Pop!! Death would be too easy!! Sick SOB. GOD BLESS that babies soul and the remaining/living twin 💔💗I pray she is placed in a home that teaches healthy love and boundaries. My heart weeps...

He needs to be reamed by a splintered baseball bat and then hung with piano wire until his weight causes his own decapitation.

What i want to know is where was the mother while all of this was happening?. I'm sorry but this is not the first time this guy has shown violent tendencies. Idc what anyone says. A normally decent person does not wake up one day and decide to do something so horrific and brutal especially to a child especially to their own child !!. So wtf was he doing with the opportunity to do this?. This mother knew! He was an abusive asshole i guarantee it.she may not have ever imagined he would go so far as to rape a 9 month old baby who on earth could imagine that disgusting vile sick behavior. But i am sure she knew he could be abusive. Not that the mother is to blame, but if she knew he was abusive and she left them with him for any length of time then she has to live with the consequences of her decision. As for him ? There is no punishment suitable how can you top what this despicable being did? I won't give him the respect of calling him an animal. Animals have more compassion and regard for their young. But as long as he's helpless and suffers horrifically before he dies i can live with that. But the good thing is he at least will understand what is happening to him and why!. That poor baby had no way of knowing why someone who was supposed to love and protect her was hurting her so horribly. God rest her little soul and God protect her sister from these people. If you don't think she will be affected horribly by this , i think you don't understand the bond twins have.

Put him in General Population.

My mind cannot conceive of a punishment so despicable so as to merit the treachery perpetrated against this little child. God bless her. All I know is it should be slow, and painful, and public, and most certainly end in death!

There are some cases that I believe the only way to receive true justice is to re-enact "Cruel & Unusual Punishment" carried out immediately after a single and swift trial by jury. This is such a case.

He should be dead....

i want to know why he snapped. putting personal morels behind, i would want to know what was going on in his mind. but to unpopular belief a normal person can snap in an instent. i have Sean it happen. just take a soldier with hidden PTSD one minute all is well out walking and window shopping the next they are on a battle field and everyone around them is the enemy and there goal is to kill everyone and get away. but it is all in their head for in the real world they are still in front of the store .