Man Arrested For Facebook Post Telling People To 'Start Killing Cops'

Man admitted to posting on Facebook that people need to 'start killing cops'

Racine, WI – A 33-year-old man was arrested and accused of posting “People need start killing cops” on Facebook.

Darryl Hibbler of Racine faces one count of terrorist threats and one count of felony bail jumping, according to WITI-TV.

Police were notified Jan. 18 about some Facebook posts that belonged to an account named “Darryl Hibbler” that was threatening to law enforcement officers, according to the criminal complaint.

The Jan. 17 post promoted the killing of police and then another post stated “Ever [sic] body need to come together riot in the street.”

Hibbler admitted to posting the comments to police in an interview, according to WITI. Hibbler said that at the time, he was angry about his friend getting killed.

He told police that he had “said that stuff out of anger.” Hibbler also told police he was not going to kill and police officers or anyone else, according to the criminal complaint.

Police also arrested a man Jan. 21 for threatening to kill an officer and his family over the shooting of Donte Shannon.

On Jan. 17, Racine Police Department pulled over Donte Shannon for not having a front license plate. Police said that Shannon stopped and then ran from the car and took out a gun and aimed it at officers. The police responded and shot him, according to WITI. Shannon died while on the way to the hospital.

Kenneth Anderson, 45, of Racine was arrested after telling hospital staff, “I know the investigator that shot my friend. I am waiting until his name is released tomorrow. I know where he lives. I am going to wear a black mask, sneak into his house and kill him and his family while they sleep,” according to WITI.

Anderson is facing on count of disorderly conduct and one count of threat to law enforcement officer and family of law enforcement officer.

What a POS!


Execute them both.


What a piece of work. He darn well knew exactly what he was trying to invite and it is down right horrible. We definitely need to be strict on those that pose any kind of a threat to our Leos... I think if we truly start legislating for stronger laws for trying to entice riots and terrorists threats maybe things would start to change.... As of now we the people are too soft on these eggheads ... And many think they are protected by the First Amendment and it is disgusting. I proudly have a good size thin blue line flag tattooed on my back supporting my brother, friends and all LEO'S... Be safe out there all #backtheblue

The perp needs to be put away, as he (in my mind)
is not to be trusted. Threats like his are not taken lightly.

This happens every time that a suspect is killed. People immediately start threatening the Police. Then the Media and Social Media train gets rolling and you have Politicians who care more for Criminals than Cops wanting Murder trials for Police that were defending themselves! Society seems to be crumbling all around us. Cop killers and Criminals killed attempting to kill Cops are treated as hero's. Police Officers are treated like Criminals now days! A Sign of Civilizations decline, then add groups like the NFL, NBA supporting Cop Killing Thugs! We even have Public schools teaching Police are Predators. Even Members of the U.S. Congress hanging paintings supporting the Murder of Police Officers! What kind of decrepit Society Demonizes those sworn to Protect and Champions Anarchy?


round em up

Good for Racine for arresting these dangerous people. Green Bay officers and their famiies are also receiving death threats over a video! Death threats (or threats of any kind) should not be tolerated. Fine them and sentence them to a lot of community service.

Should be tried, convicted, throw away the key.

Lock the bastard up!

Animal thug!

Facebook should be held accountable for some of the blame as they are supposed to be approving pics & videos before they're posted. They allow some & deny other benign ones.

THIS man should definitely be charged with hate crimes and inciting hate crimes.

This isn't on Facebook. It is literally impossible to check everything posted on their site, which is why they rely on the reporting system. If you see something offensive, flag it.

I couldn't agree with you more, Gator61.

Where on earth did you hear that? Millions of photos and videos are posted hourly. LMAO

Obama started this cop hating crap and now cops have a harder time and their job had tripled in danger when it was already bad to begin with. These officers are sworn to uphold the law and never know what they are walking into. Don't break the freaking law and you have nothing to worry about.