Within a few hours of the article going up we were able to determine that the places we sourced information from contained inaccurate information, and our article subsequently contained information which I determined to be inaccurate. Specifically, the gun-owner was not actually associated with the Sheriff's Office. While errors are uncommon, when this has happened in the past we have corrected the article and noted a correction. Correcting the errors in this article would have taken more time than we had immediately available, so I made the decision to take it down rather than leave it up waiting for correction. I apologize that we let this slip past us. There has only been one other time we've taken down a published article, and that was done at the request of a subject involved in the article, not because of errors. @bronx163 I'm not sure what you mean. We don't remove articles, besides the two exceptions mentioned, and we don't even moderate comments unless it comes to our attention that there are clear violations of our community guidelines.

Just been one or two occations i couldnt go back and see comments i wrote.
Thats why i stated that.
Follow what u say.

The only times comments should get deleted without notification are if you get banned (you're not,) or your were replying to somebody who said something that earned them an immediate ban (usually racial slurs, calling for dead cops, etc.)

@Randy- Yes, you found a message that hadn't been moderated yet. It's been taken care of now and your screenshot has been deleted for being in violation of our community guidelines.

@Randy- LOL