Licensed Gun Owner Shoots, Kills Armed Robber Threatening His Children

A licensed gun owner fatally shot a would-be robber who threatened his children.

San Antonio, TX – A man fatally shot a would-be robber at a Popeye’s restaurant on Wednesday night.

Police said the altercation began when an armed robber walked into the fast-food restaurant at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 6, according to KTRK.

He displayed a gun and demanded money, threatening the man and his family who were in the dining area, Express News reported.

The man told the robber he wasn’t going to give him anything.

According to KABB, the gunman allowed the man to leave with his wife and two children before he focused all his attention on robbing the restaurant’s employees.

Unbeknownst to the robber, the family man didn’t go far. He had two more children who were using the bathroom when the gunman arrived.

As the suspect turned to demand money from the workers, the two kids walked out of the bathroom.

That’s when the gunman made a fatal mistake – he pointed his gun at the children.

The children’s father immediately shot the robber, who soon died on the restaurant floor.

Employees locked the restaurant until police arrived on the scene after the shooting.

Police said no one else was injured during the altercation, and that the restaurant employees managed to flee through the restaurant’s back door, KSAT reported.

The identity of the robbery suspect has not been released, but investigators said he was between 25 and 30 years old, Express News reported.

San Antonio Police Department Capitan Michael Starnes said that the unnamed family man who shot the robber was licensed to carry a weapon.

“He really saved the day and protected a lot of people today, Capt. Starnes said.

Capt. Starnes said the father who shot the robber will not face any criminal charges.


Love stories like this, where the good guy prevails!

I jus loves happy endings!

Soon there will be constitutional carry and more good citizens will be able to defend themselves from flower growers.

Don't hold your breath on the carry thing. The RHINO's made sure of sabotaging that by attaching it to NICS-FIX and that is a Pelosi Schumer crap.

Way to go Dad!

Never EVER leave home without your concealed carry, you owe it to your friends, neighbors and the rest of lawful society to protect one another. Thanks for your action to protect victims of crime.

Good going, Dad!

It's what I always say: You call the tune, you pay the piper. Had the thug just finished his robbery, he may have lived, BUT he pointed his weapon at another man's children and got what was coming to him.

You will not see this on the news at all! because it doesn't fit their agenda of guns are all bad and no good guy with a gun has never stopped a bad guy with a gun. Good job father and this is why I carry and willing to do the same if I was faced with the same situation!