LATEST: Teacher Beaten By Parents For Disciplining Student - Was Assaulted By Child Before Beating

Teacher Janice Watkins (pictured) was brutally attacked by a parent who disagreed with the discipline of her fourth-grade daughter.

Pittsburgh, PA - Pittsburgh elementary school teacher Janice Watkins (pictured) was brutally beaten by a parent on Wednesday.

The attack was revenge for Watkins disciplining the child of the assailant.

That suspect has been arrested and identified as Daishonta Marie Williams, 29.

The incident started Wednesday afternoon at Pittsburgh King PreK-8 School on the North Side, according to CBS News.

Janice Watkins, 46, confiscated a cellphone from a fourth-grade female because the district has a strict no-cellphone policy. That fourth-grader responded by badly biting Watkins.

Shortly thereafter, the students parents came to the school and Williams told Watkins that she was "going to get even."

Watkins then left to get the bite wound checked out at a local clinic, and she was followed by Williams and at least one unidentified male.

As Watkins stopped at a red light at Route 65 and the West End Bridge, Williams' black SUV pulled up.

"She said, 'I put my window down, and the woman threw a brick through my window,' and hit her in her face," Watkins' mother told CBS News. "And that's when she said, so-and-so 'I told you that I would get you,' and [Watkins] said, 'When I got out of that car,' she said, 'I didn't realize it was two other people,' she said, but she felt something hit her in the back, and it was two men."

After the beating, the suspects took off and Watkins called 911.

"Her head is hurting real bad, her face is right on the one side it's swollen," Watkins' mother continued. "So they took her down. They said they want to do a scan to make sure everything's OK."

Williams has since been arrested and is being charged with aggravated assault, stalking, terroristic threats, and recklessly endangering another person.

The suspects with Williams have still not been identified or located.

WOW, this is how we are teaching our kids to act toward authority! No wonder we have so many punks out robbing, stealing and killing people. Parents taking up for the little heathers!

To begin with, the student should be expelled for biting the teacher. Then the parents should be arrested for assault with intent to harm for beating the teacher. The teacher will not only have to deal with the bruises and missing teeth, but will also have to withstand taking a tetanus shot due to the child biting her if she broke the skin. Clearly the parents need to have their rights removed until they receive proper parental training.

So much is wrong with this! First the behavior of mother and child, but WHY did the teacher roll down her window, and WHY did she get out of her car? I would have just kept driving, unless I missed an important part of the story.

Adminchick, I couldn't agree more. This child needs to be pulled from this abusive home and placed in appropriate housing and therapy to aid in fixing the damage the degenerate hood rat of so called parents get treatment and court ordered parenting classes... the spendy ones. I'm a psychiatrist and sad to say the behavior the child exhibited came from the raising of the low life parents.

I hear stories from clients and seen the scars for bite marks on teachers I've meant throughout my work that look like a rabid hyena chewed into them. Mostly, they mental retardation (probably not PC any more to say) put in main stream classes with under staffed and under educated in the field of handling a child with special needs.