LATEST: 8 Dead In Santa Fe School Shooting, Officer Down

Eight people were reportedly killed at Santa Fe High School.

Santa Fe, TX - KHOU reports that 8 people were reportedly killed in the active shooter at Santa Fe High School on Friday at around 7:30 a.m.

One officer was hit in the shooting and it being airlifted to the hospital.

Houston Police Officers Union President Joe Gamaldi tweeted, "Please keep the officers in your prayers as one officer is being life flighted to the hospital."

Witnesses report that the a substitute teacher saw the gunman enter with a shotgun. The teacher pulled the fire alarm to get people out.

Multiple witnesses have described the shooter being armed with a pump-action shotgun.

At least one suspect is in custody and a second person has been detained.

The immediate threat appears to be eliminated. The shooter was described as a likely student.

Officers are investigating multiple suspicious packages that they believe were left by the shooter.

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I hadn't heard of them before seeing it here either but after going and checking them out I just have one word. DAAAAAMN.

I hope that if Law enforcement really isn't aware of them that you start spreading the info. This is crazy, but to be honest it backs up what I've been saying. The parents are not parenting. And the ones like this kid's father should've been starlized because he didn't raise a child, he trained a terrorist.

And social Media could be the best friggin tool we have but 9/10 of people are more interested in gaining fame or infamy than sourcing and shar8ng info to help each other to raise and keep an eye on out children. It's kind of pathetic huh? Never before have we had the ability to be so connected yet it's driven us further apart.


Shelby where do you come up with his dad is part of Golden Dawn? Are you racially profiling him?
H_C Dumbshit so you are encouraging racial profiling now?

Your last paragraph? 👍


I'll take that as a yes.

Strange that the only reference tying the shooter's father to a Greek Nazi group come from ShelbyCole. I can't find any reference to that anywhere on the web and just because he "liked" Fox News and an NRA spokesperson, Dana Loesch, doesn't make him a Greek Nazi. See: https://heavy.com/news/2018/05/dimitrios-pagourtzis-family-parents-greek/. More fake news.