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Las Vegas Hospital Waiving All Medical Costs For Mass-Shooting Victims

Las Vegas St. Rose Dominican Hospital Waiving All Medical Costs For Mass-Shooting Victims

Las Vegas, NV - Fifty-eight people were murdered during the mass-shooting in Las Vegas On October 1, and almost 500 more were injured. All area hospitals were flooded with patients who may not have had insurance to cover the devastating injuries.

Now St. Rose Dominican has announced that they will not be requiring any shooting victim to make a payment for their treatment. Instead, the hospital is accepting donations to help cover costs, according to KTNV.

Other hospitals have declared a commitment to work with shooting victims on costs for their care, but no other hospital has offered to waive all patient's medical bills.

The initial shooting was a scene of utter chaos, and fear, as countless photos and video have shown people fleeing, trying to flee, bodies lying on the ground, and even Jason Aldean himself running toward the back of the stage as it became apparent that it was gunfire and not fireworks.

Some hid, some ran, and some stayed to help those who were hurt or help others to safety, according to ABC News.

Sheriff Clark said that the gunfire lasted between nine and 11 minutes, with the first 911 call about 10:08 PM, and the last 911 call about 10:19 PM.

Paddock’s body was found inside his hotel room after officers breached the door. He apparently shot and killed himself as officers breached the door.

The motive for the mass shooting remains unknown. Sheriff Lombardo said on Tuesday that he “…couldn’t get into the mind of a psychopath.”

Officer Charleston Hartfield was murdered in the Las Vegas shooting. Before he was killed, he wrote a book,, ‘Memoirs of a Public Servant‘, which has received positive reviews. Let’s see if we can make it a #1 best-seller and help support his family.

Casino Corporations need to dig into their pockets and assist. They make billions...no reason why money should be an issue regarding this tragedy.


Such an awesome thing to do by this hospital! Love the new site!!


All the hospitals should do that, it's not like all those patients asked or went there because they wanted to. Also, If all the casinos chipped in and helped that would also be great publicity for them. Besides the fact they can afford it and it'd be a tax write off.

To all that work there Thank You and may God bless each and everyone of you for the kindness you have shown, to the people.Need more like you in this world.


I think since the shooter no longer needs money his millions should be used for damage he created.