Lady you did something wrong, refusing to sit down when told to do so and being sacrastic. So yeah you did something wrong. You looked and sound foolish

Sorry Thejopogirl... my bad on the earlier comment. I like the way you think.

Sorry TheJopogirl... I replied to the threadincorrectly, The comment was for the racist asshole Blackactivist. Please join me in letting this neophyte know what an idiot he is.

Think I will exercise my White Privilege and call you an idiot again.

"Bully cops should not be able to give directives. Citizens should not have to follow, oppressive directive orders from pinks. New laws are coming"

Ideally, it would be nice if bully cops didn't have the authority to be unfair to people. But the distinction is fairly difficult to make. Some cop might be having a bad day, and some dickhead flips them off. So they perform a bad stop. Is it wrong? Yes. Is it entirely inhumane? Hell no. Shit, I'm surprised the general numbers of police misconduct and criminality are so low. Shit, dealing with most people in the service industry makes me want to rip my hair out, couldn't imagine what it would be like if I was dealing with a person who could possibly want to kill me.

@Heezels ... "pinks" what is that...bigot talk?