Karma! Security Camera Shows Package Thief Bust Ankle During Theft

A home security camera captured the moment that the thief paid for her crime.

Bothell, WA - A package thief was captured on home security cameras stealing medication that was delivered to a homeowner's doorstep, but she paid in pain for her theft.

The incident happened Friday at a home off of Filbert Road. Video of the theft was captured on the home's Ring doorbell and Nest security camera.

The video shows two people in a car scoping out houses until they spot the packages in front of the victim's house.

A female thief jumped out of the car and ran for the packages, which contained expensive medication.

After grabbing the packages, she turned to run back to her car when she slipped and appeared to break her ankle.

With the female thief unable to walk, the male driver had to carry the female back to the car. He then returned to get the packages she had dropped.

David Ababneh posted the videos to Facebook saying, "Hopefully someone can ID the scum bags. Gotta love Karma though, serves them right."

You can see the video of the incident below:

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I lone instant karma.

The expensive hospital bill isn't going to be paid by either of these two taint flaps. The taxpayers will be paying that bill right along with patients that pay their inflated bill. I would say a few thousand Tylenol given to future patients at $109 should put a little dent in the vet bill for this old, hobbled mare

I hope she died.

Haha...I'd really like to hear them explain to a judge why they should be allowed to sue the homeowner.

How did he pick that horse up? O...M...G

LOL Gotta love Karma !

Police need to check area hospitals and clinics..... we are responsible for our choices.... bummer........... Maybe now she'll be the driver...