JUST IN: Hero Citizen With Gun Stopped Texas Shooter And Pursued Him Until He Was Dead

A hero citizen with a gun engaged the Texas church shooter and pursued him until he was killed.

Sutherland Springs, Texas - Authorities announced at a press conference on Sunday that the Texas church shooter was not taken down by law enforcement, as originally reported, but that he was was instead stopped by an armed citizen.

At the press conference authorities said that the shooter, now identified as Devin Patrick Kelley, parked his car across the street from First Baptist Church.

The shooter then approached the church and used a rifle to open fire on the church from the outside. The shooter then went in the church and continued shooting his victims.

A community member saw the shooting, grabbed his rifle, and engaged Kelley in a gunfight. During the gunfight, Kelley dropped his weapon and was forced to flee from the community hero.

The armed citizen pursued Kelley until his car went off the road and he was found dead.

It has not been confirmed if Kelley died from the citizen's bullets or if he killed himself while fleeing.

Kelley was dead before law enforcement arrived.

Twenty-six people have been confirmed to have been murdered by Kelley in the shooting, which occurred at around 11:30 am Sunday, with twenty more injured, ages range from 5-72 years old.

The First Baptist Church records their services and it's likely that the shooting was captured on video.

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you can demand all you want..they wouldn't know the truth if it looked them in the eye

I've said it many times before: Nothing will happen. Even proposals to ban "bump stocks" have stalled, thanks to the NRA. The occasional gun massacre is apparently the price we have to pay to let gun enthusiasts indulge in their fun.

Polish bear blames gun enthusiasts for a physcopath. Polish bear do yourself a favor and drink bleach.

This isn't about gun enthusiasts or even guns. If the guy didn't have access to a rifle, he would have found another way. The guy in NY last week used a rented truck to kill 8 people. It isn't the guns. It's the crazy people out there determined to kill other people that we need to worry about. Unfortunately it's easier to blame the gun.

To all of you looney gun control people, this persons gun didn't wake up this morning, get in his own car, drive to that unsuspecting church and needlessly open fire on those people. It took a sick individual that it is now being reported was an ANTIFA member, set on starting a civil war. While the deaths of these people are sad, all this sick person did was draw a community closer and make like communities more resolute to stand against the evil perpetrated by evil people like this. Yes a gun was used in this crime but this ANTIFA group is known to use any available weapon they can to accomplish their goal. That is why we must not let this group or ones like it, separate the good people of this country with hate in any form. This is a good vs evil battle. We must let God lead this fight and as soldiers fend off this horrible and deadly evil!!!