Judge Sets Joke Bail On Machete Attackers Who Cut Off Cabbie's Thumb

A New York judge released two teenagers who cut off a cab driver's thumb on $200 bail.

Bronx, NY - Two teenagers who cut off a cab driver's thumb with a machete have been released on low bonds, and one of their victims is angry.

“The biggest crime in this case was committed by the judge who released one of these guys on $200 bail after they slashed three or four people and could have killed someone," said Fernando Mateo, head of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers.

The suspects, Kenneth Guzman, 17, and Juan Carlos Sanchez, 17, are now free pending trial while Richard Deleon, the cab driver, is unable to work.

The incident occurred on Sunday, Nov. 19, inside a bodega on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, according to WNBC.

Guzman and Sanchez slashed a bodega worker, who called 911.

In an effort to flee, the two suspects jumped into a livery cab which had three young girls inside.

Police said a 19-year-old woman who was riding in the back seat at the time was slashed on the back as the thieves forced her and others out of the vehicle, according the New York Post.

When the Deleon got out of the car to intervene and help the girls, one of the attackers took several swipes and sliced off his entire thumb, police said.

“It happened very fast,” Deleon said through a translator at a press conference. “I tried to stop the attackers.”

Both Guzman and Sanchez were arrested and charged with felony assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and harassment.

But now, both suspects are out of jail under $200 bail.

Deleon, who is a father of four, has not been able to drive and support his family since the attack, according to WPIX .

Mateo, who translated for Deleon, said “He’s very depressed. He’s from one doctor to another, the finger doesn’t stop bleeding. It’s traumatizing. He’s missing a limb."

Deleon's family said that the judge was too easy on Guzman and Sanchez.

"That’s one of the most frustrating things. We just want justice. Those kids are still out there and they may be able to hurt somebody else,” said Fary Deleon, the victim's sister.

One of the teens made Facebook posts bragging about how quickly he was released from jail.

Guzman posted about how he was home in time for dinner.

“He’s laughing at the justice system. He’s laughing at the victim. It something we don’t understand,” Mateo said.

Those boys should have been put on house arrest at the judge's house. Seems the judge didn't think they were a risk to anyone!!!!!! Let him watch them


What the hell is wrong with these judges?

Thank god for gun control and the tax on sugary drinks.


Typical day in bronx criminal justice system. When i was a cop down there the DA’s and judges wouldnt prosecute anyone unless it was a cop who shot some piece of shit trying to kill him. Total joke down there. Only place in NY guy assauts a cop with deadly weapon and plea bargain it down to no jail time. Thats why bronx
Has rapists, murders, robbers, just runong around free. Total joke.


I agree, what is going on with all these judges letting really bad criminals off with little bail or just probation? I think all judges need a good hard look and make them enforce the laws that are in place! These two delinquents can and probably will go out and do it all over again and this time kill someone. Makes me angry and sick!!

These 2 young men are scourges on society. I hope Karma gets them soon. And the judge should be castigated for his lack of judgement and justice.

some one will help them out and remove both of their hands for them so they wont be temped to do it again. and that judge needs to be removed from the chair for not acting accordingly so i would find out if that judge has been asked a favor and that why their bail was only 200.


snip snip

Isn't "Bronx Jury" what they call people letting off someone with a preponderance of guilty evidence because of race? Maybe nowadays judges just don't even bother wasting taxpayer dollars keeping the public safe from these monsters because they're just going to be free. Why even bother anymore? That's what the idiot activists want. I fear for my family on a regular basis, but who gives a crap about my fears when these poor angels were good boys who just started going to church to turn their lives around?

If I was the guy with the missing thumb, I might be out for some vigilante justice.

Sanctuary criminal city.

I'm kind of curious why the story didn't show the name of the judge?